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April 10, 2012
Escaping from Reality by ~Janus-arts A stylized piece that makes great use of minimalistic colors and simplified scenery design.
Featured by Hiiragi-san
Suggested by VelCake
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Escaping from Reality (Inked Art)

I had a hard time finding the right elements to add to this drawing. 8.15 h of inking. The most difficult part was finding the right elements to add, where to put them, finding the right density of stars in order to maintain a nice contrast, and making the windows of the building without any mistakes ^^.

I also used a new technique, and relined the most important lines with indian ink (more work and more risks, but I love making it harder every time ^^)

Tools: technical paper CANSON A3, indian ink, 0.05 liner STAEDTLER, Red Drawink Ink MAJUSCULE


J'ai eu du mal à déterminer quels éléments mettre dans le dessin et ou les placer. 8h15 d'encrage en tout. Le plus difficile a été de trouver la bonne densité d'étoiles permettant de faire ressortir l'arbre et les bâtiments, et d'encrer les bâtiments sans noircir une fenêtre qui ne devait pas l’être ^^. Mais ouf pas d'erreurs.

Pour rendre la tache encore plus difficile, j'ai décidé sur ce dessin de refaire la majorité des contours à l'encre de chine avec une plume neuve plus fine. Plus de risque et de boulot, mais bon ... J'aime compliquer le boulot à chaque fois ^^.

Outils: Papier technique CANSON A3, encre de Chine, liner STAEDTLER 0.05, Encre à Dessiner Rouge vif MAJUSCULE


Making of the drawing available here:
Making of - 6 by Janusart

EDIT: I simply cannot believe I actually got a DD !!!!! For years I have admired DDs and their creators, to be part of them today is really an immense honor. I promise I will continue to improve myself and share my work. By the way, it is pretty amazing to increase the number of favs and comments of my works by about 2000% in one day ^^! Oh, and I promise to read every single one of them !!!
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professorwagstaff's avatar
So lovely. Great concept and so well done.
sptanwar's avatar
This painting's delicate curves,serves the purpose of beautifull ART WORK
gestom's avatar
How I love all of your work, this one is my favorite!  you are awesome!
Janusart's avatar
To be honest it is my favorite as well, but I still don't know why ^^. Thanks for the comment
Okashy's avatar
pretty nice and clean
Dumbass-Red's avatar
Good job! the talent is! try and be sure to become a somebody!
Janusart's avatar
Thanks a lot, I'll try ^^!
Animizuu's avatar
oh wow, nice : )
Yinsho's avatar
@A@ Pretty...
I really like this, it looks gorgeous!
When I get more ink for my printer I might just have to print this out and stick it to my wall, it looks that good. :3
Janusart's avatar
Seriously, I would be soo happy if you did ... such an honor to have my work decorate a wall somewhere in the US, I just have one condition: you take a picture of your room and wall and send it to me !

And don't forget to send me a note before you do, I can send you a image in better quality with a bigger resolution, it'll look even better ^^.

Seriously you can't even imagine how great that would be ^^, thanks for the comment and fav by the way
Yinsho's avatar
You're welcome, and okay. x3
I'll message you again once I get printer ink. :P
Janusart's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
ShardSpyder's avatar
Reminds me of the Asian Kung-Fu Generation album covers. And I think that's why I pretty much love this.
Janusart's avatar
Yep, the official creator of the album covers is my source of inspiration. I hope you also like this because it simply looks nice ^^
ShardSpyder's avatar
Yes. It looks nice as well. Its just the look of it just made me think back to high school when I listened to their albums all the time.
Janusart's avatar
ShardSpyder's avatar
I do from time to time. But not nearly as much as back then.
Sakura-lies's avatar
This is so lovely, I love your concept. <3 Keep up the good work.
Janusart's avatar
Thanks, and you can watch me if you want to follow my work, I would be honored to get more comments from you ^^, and thanks again!
Sakura-lies's avatar
You have a very gorgeous gallery, I would be pleased to watch for new art from you! :3
Janusart's avatar
Thanks you very much, I love it when I see that people follow my work, it increases my determination ^^, next piece in a week or earlier maybe ^^
Sakura-lies's avatar
Fantastic! I can't wait. ^-^
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