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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this very precise analysis. I really appreciate the ''vision'' part you wrote, as it reflects exactly what I am looking for: getting in a lot of details but keeping them in harmony to provide this very strange simplistic look.

For originality, I agree about the general robot VS robot concept (even if I saw the movie real steel during the creation of the piece ... really sad to see a movie almost had the exact same concept...), I therefore tried to add the grid concept to make the game more complex that simply a battle.

For technique I actually only ink once in blue (before adding black). But the ink is very tricky to use and doesn't spread well. But I learned to use it to get this marble glowy look that I love.

It's great to get constructive feedback, really helps to improve!
Synchronisation Complete... Then Let's Go! (Inked)
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

I stumbled upon your artwork and its really the kind of art I love and try to make as well: mysterious, original, cute and poetic.
The first think that attracts the viewer I think is the appearant ''surreallism'' of the scene. It's mysterious but it all seems natural at the same time. The calm pose of the girl and the funny smile of the fish make provide a calm atmosphere to your drawing even if we usually associate deep sea to darkness and fear. The great work on coloring and the glowing effect adds to this mysterious ambiance. Oh, and I also love the bubbles ^^.
The only thing that perhaps would have enhanced the effect you were looking for ven more is perhaps to have ''zoomed out'' the view some more, in order to increase the contrast of sizes between: the girl, the fish and the sea. And perhaps you could have added a bit more details and use thiner/clearer lines on the girl (or use less blurring effects) to really separate the foreground (the girl) from the 2 backgrounds (Fish and sea). In my opinion with digital work, it's the best way to give depth to a drawing. But it's only my opinion, and it's really a great composition that is both joyful and inspiring. Congratulations!
Once upon a dream...
What an incredibly accurate critique, I agree with all of your points !

Concerning the starry night (too dense in stars), I couldn't agree more. It is my great regret. This is the very first white/black/red drawing I have made, and I didn't yet use any color simulation before inking (I just hoped it would look good). I have however decided never to modify a drawing concidered as finished so I didnt' change the sky!

Thank you soo much for taking the time to comment my work!
We Are All Children of the Stars (Inked Art)
This is exactly the kind of critique I was hoping to get. Working out the composition of my art pieces ( size, shape, position and coloring of every single element in the drawing) is a huge work (80-90% of my time) and everything is done on purpose. To see that someone is able to grasp these subtle thing is very rewarding! It really encourages me to continue to work on all those details even if it's very time-consuming.

A big thanks for your 2 great  critiques!
A Nice City Canopy Walkway (Inked Art)
No problem ^^, I sometimes also miss some replies. Thanks for replying anyway. I'll keep following your work!
When the sun goes down (SOLD