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Published: February 26, 2014
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i like to think that after a funny conversation, twilight and the others explained to pinkie that telling fluttershy about her fears actually doesn't help her mood. and maybe she went and gave her a "im sorry for scaring you with your worst fears party". 
and then that made this idea, and i drew it out. not really happy with it, rather rushed but it was good rendering and background practice.

also it reads weird. sorry about that. i tried to help direct view with an arrow.
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gee that seems very sweet.
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And Pinkie Pie doesn't even WANT or CARE about an apology for the horrid things New Fluttershy said, but then again Pinkie Pie shifted all the blame to Iron Will.
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Ahh this made me tearful :')
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Aww.. Good job Pinkie! ^^
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At last, Pinkie. She finally apologies Fluttershy.
I'm proudly call her my sister once again.
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sportsguy28 Digital Artist
Your avatar interests me more than the comic 

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just aaaawww O\\\O
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it would have been nice if the writters or animators planned this and added this part to the episode. :aww:
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Thank you for fixing the horrors of the show's writers :D
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Dawww that was cute.
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Nice one Pinkie. You two may now hug and make up. :D
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Applejackfan4everHobbyist Writer
Fluttershy cries over everything i mean why is pinkie still friends with her again?
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That's awesome. See, not everything needs to be a party. Pinkie can be low-key and genuine.
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THIS is why I like MLP!
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Aw, that's sweet. I wish she actually did this on the show.
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Good. Now you can me a comic in which everyone apologizes to Spike for the much larger mountain of grief they've given him throughout the series.

Bronies can be so exasperating sometimes. They're content to laugh at Spike, but when one of their precious widdle  ponies is mistreated, they get so worked up.
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I like spike.
Me and my bff sympathize with him a lot.
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Pinkie has hurt others more than once. Where's Luna's apology? Where's Donkey Doodle Dandy's apology?
Pinkie needs to be exiled.
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How can you say that? Pinkie isn't perfect, sometimes she can be insensitive, but she's not a terrible pony.:( (Sad) 
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Keep making excuses for her, like people making excuses for a bully.
Pinkie Pie is CONSISTENTLY insensitive.

You wouldn't make excuses for Gilda the Griffon making Fluttershy cry so stop making excuses for Pinkie Pie.
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Go get eaten by a Dragon.
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