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Rules for using my stock images:

Please read these rules before you use an image:

- Please leave a message at your picture, send me a note or comment on the stock with a link to your art. If I don't get a note or comment, I can't add your work to my favourits ;)
- I allow you to use the stock outside deviantart but would highly appreciate if you would inform me.
- Please link back to my account in your image description.
- I allow you to sell prints of your manipulated work with my stock.
- Favourits would be nice. :)
- For commercial use you first have to contact me
- Please be creative! Simply changing colors and adding Text is less than your talent can do.

Additional rules for photos with human models:

- Not for use in any work which is offensive, discriminatory or glorifies violence
- Not for use in pornographic work

:deviation: Download the images for full size will make you more happy. :typerhappy:

Best wishes, Jantiff

My main account: :iconjantiff:
© 2009 - 2021 Jantiff-Stocks
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Hello I would like to use your background for my school project. Thank you!

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Love the stock photo and used it for an image with my dog. Made a sort of Fairytale look.

我想要高清原图片 谢谢

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I would like to use the following image in an art show as well as your png items for my photography to do compilations for clients/sale.  Let me know if that will be ok and what requirements you have.…

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When linking back to Deviant art artists you used the stocks it is ok for me.
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Can I sell art made out of your stock ?
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Hi.I would to ask that can i use one of your forest  photo for a band logo banner,so the background of the logo?Thanks in advance! :)
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hi may i use this stock for my lessons, im still learning to use Photoshop and one of the tutorials use this.. please, may i? 
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Hi, certainly you can use my stock for any non-profit project such as learning lessons. If you put it online or publish it otherwise, please remember to credit me with a link to my deviantart account or to my homepage (

Best wishes

I would like to use one of your landscape backgrounds for a website advertising banner, the landscape image is called "A perfect border foreground".
Would that be all right?

Thanks :)
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what about book cover for small print/print on demand books?
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I intend to use some of your insect stock in traditional artwork so I can't really link you. Is that ok?
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Hi, will you use them as reference for self-painted artwork or such? Then it's perfectly ok. :)
And if you upload it, a link would be great. :D
Best wishes
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Hello. may I use some of your shots for my Instagram account? I will give you credits in the caption and link here the work. What do you think?
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I'd like to use this in the banner for my Etsy shop, Lamplight Athenaeum. Would you mind? I'll be happy to give stock credit in comments! (shop's not open yet, need graphics first!)
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Hi, which one do you want to use?
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hi there :) i was wandering if your stocks are available to be used to make free premade BG?
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Free premade BG for use in deviantArt is ok while following the stock rules. :)
Be creative :shamrock:
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thank you very much :D
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I commented on your deviation [link] that I used your stock in making [link] and would like to inform you that I have also posted the final work in ModelMayhem, Redbubble and my facebook account! :)
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Hi :wave:
Thanks again for letting me know :D
phoenixleo's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
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