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Trying to get back to art and to dA...
;) (Wink) 
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What is your computer configuration eg: GB of RAM? wins or mac? GB or storage? Version of PS? Can you tell me, I would be most grateful as my computer sucks with CS4 and I want a new comp (laptop). Thanks

5 votes
My comp is really slow with PS- I will tell you my configs
My comp is v. efficient with PS- will tell u my configs
My comp is v. efficient AND I use PS CS! Will tell u my configs
I will recommend a computer (laptop) 4 PS CS5
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<div class="title"'>Fun tag (yes, I'm bored) ;)

Blatantly stolen from :icondark-blood:

1. Put your music player on all your music, then shuffle.

2. Press forward for each question.

3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!

4. Tag 4 people.

5. with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

1. How are you feeling today?
Wild World by Cat Stevens
(Hmm maybe. It’s a sad song and I’m sad about leaving NY :cries: )

2. will you get far in life?
And when he falleth
by Theatre of Tragedy (that sounds awful but I love the song)

3. how do your friends see you?
Fire and Ice
by Unto Ashes (probably because I fluctuate a lot)

4. will you get married?
Lose yourself
by Eminem  (I have no idea what that means. Do I have to lose myself to meet the right person? Maybe)

5. what's your best friend's theme song?
Brilliant Disguise
by Bruce Springsteen :lol:

6. What is the story of your life?
by Beautiful South (Very true- I’m always starting from scratch)

7. what was high school like?
Walk this way
by Run DMC and Aerosmith ( yes, there was A LOT of peer pressure in my school which sucked)

8. how can you get ahead in life?
by The Cure (no clue what that means)

9. what is the best thing about your friends?
From the Hip
  by Lloyd Cole (No idea whatsoever)

10. What is in store for this weekend?
Hot One
by Shudder to Think (I like the sound of that!! :giggle: )

11. to describe your grandparents?
Not doing this one

12.how is your life going?
Beautiful Stranger
by Madonna (yes I did meet one and he broke my heart recently)

13. What song will they play at your funeral?
Riders on the Storm
by the Doors (Ha, ha that’s funny  )

14. how does the world see you?
My Wandering days are over
by Belle and Sebastian (Hmm I hope so!)

15. will you have a happy life?
Sunrise, Sunset
Fiddler on the roof  (Does that mean it will be monotonous? :fear: )

16. what do your friends really think of you?
by The Craft (does that mean I’m old or something? Or maybe I’m just grounded  ;) )

17. do people secretly lust after you?
Darker than this
by Marysia (I guess that means NO! :shrug: )

18. how can I make myself happy?
To look for America
by Simon and Garfunkle (I swear I didn’t cheat!!!)

19. what should you do with your life?
You spin me right round
by Billy Idol (I wonder what that means)

20. will you ever have children?
by beautiful South ( I guess that means yes! :rofl: )

21. what song would you strip to?
Song for whoever
by beautiful South (Wow, that makes me sound cheap!!:giggle: )

22. If a man in a van offered you candy, what would you do?
The word behind Words
by Jeremy Toback (that means I would be suspicious I guess)

23.What does your mom think of you?
I know him so well
From Chess (Very true if you change the pronoun!)

24. What is your deep dark secret?
Always look on the bright side of life
by Monty Python (I guess that means I’m a secretly happy person :shrug: )

25. What is your mortal enemy's theme song?
She sells Sanctuary
by the Cult  (no, I don’t think so! Plus I don’t really have an enemy and if I did this song is too good for them)

26. what's your personality like?
by Lycia (Only sometimes)

27.Which song will be played at your wedding?
Don’t Drink the Water
by Dave Matthews Band ( That is so hilarious considering I’ll probably get married in India and this is good advice for all guests for health reasons :lol: )

I'm tagging more than 4 people because I know some people hate tags and so only a few will do it (:please:) I’ve left out people whom I know hate tags ;)But if you are not tagged and plan to do it please leave me a comment - I would love to see.


Love to all :hug:
:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek

Thank you! :thanks:CSS: kuschelirmel-stockBrushes ca-pris
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<div class="title"'>Finalized

Date:Sat 16th Feb
Venue: Port Authority: 625 8th Ave
                          New York, NY 10018-1415                                        
Time: </u>2 pm (not 2.30pm like earlier advertised)

From here on the devmeet will be organised by jade161588 This is what she writes about meeting up:

I think the exit/entrance of Port Authority works out great for us to all meet at 2PM. It's a very public place and no one really needs to wait outside. My boyfriend and I can start waiting there around 1:30PM for the early birds and I will have a sign of some sort (or something else that will make obvious that I am the meeting mark) so we can all gather at one place.

As for the exact location of the entrance/exit, I think it is best if everyone looks for myself and my boyfriend to the left most side nearest the entrance/exit. We will be by the doors but by the ones that are to the left the most. Left side when entering the Port Authority. So it is right side when exiting the Port Authority.

I can't really plan for much else except that. Everyone just needs to keep their eyes peeled. It won't be too hard to see me either. It's going to be myself with my boyfriend... so... it's going to be a dark dressed Asian girl with a tall man with long curly auburn hair tied back. We both have glasses. Most likely the case, I may be doing something that stands out from anyone else's doing. Either way, it's not that hard to track me down if you know where and how to look. And let's not forget, I will have a sign or something of the sort that shows I'm the meet mark. (I'll probably have a sign that says dA or devMeet or soemthing of the like)

Can't wait for the devMeet! I hope this all works out more than perfect.
Any more questions or the like, my contact information is as follows:
e-mail: LLYRIVIDA@yahoo.com
Windows Live: LLYRIVIDA@hotmail.com
AIM: jade161588

I check my e-mail very frequently but I just request that if anyone sends me an e-mail that they appropriately label the subject. If you don't see me on AIM... best option is for Windows Live. Please use lowercase letters for llyrivida on either e-mail or windows live. Some people had problem sending me e-mails and/or messages because they used caps. I use caps so that people see there are two L's at the beginning and not to confuse it with the I's in the middle.

Ah and last note is that I will be working tomorrow night from 5PM to 10PM so I will not be able to respond to any message within that period of time. Please reach me earlier than that if possible and needed.

RSVP List: ::love:


Love to all :hug:
:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek

Thank you! :thanks:CSS: kuschelirmel-stockBrushes ca-pris
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We have planned a devmeet for NYC!!!

Date 16th February 2008
Time: 2.30
Place: Still undecided but somewhere in Manhattan

We have a small group already but it would be nice if more New Yorkers could join us!

I'm also looking for any suggestions for meeting places and possible activities.

Hope to see you there!
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