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The Akroma Diptych [commission]

First time tackling MtG content. Challenging, but had a good time working on this piece.
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In the right panel where she seems to be fighting against demons/devils, she's not unlike the Erinyes/Furies of Greek mythology and DnD/Pathfinder.

Absolutely amazing- PERFECT abs and legs! Your muscle-girls win out yet again! And look at all the details and setting stuff! So much work involved!

Wow wow wonderfully. Your renders are getting better from day to day, another gem in Your outstanding collection.

Bloody fantastic!

She is covered, her tone is on the subtle scale of your works... wait, can it be OFFICIAL comission?0_o

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Sadly no, as far from an official commission as it gets. :)

This is awesome. Your style really makes this pop.

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Thank you. Tried to go all out in this one.

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Thanks, glad you like it :)

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Amazing, eye-popping art!

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Damn, I'd be tempted to buy some cards if they had art like this.

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Big fan of your stuff and big fan of Magic. This is incredible! You should do more muscly Magic art, it suits your style.

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Thank you! More MTG stuff entirely depends on commissions, I'm not that close to it myself unfortunately.

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This is incredible

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