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sublumenalHobbyist General Artist
Striking!  At once like the cosmos, but also the sparks from a raging fire.
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tsahelHobbyist Digital Artist
superb !
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rhunel General Artist
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this is absolutely gorgeous!!
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Can I take that background?
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LukasFractalizatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, what's the secret to extremely unnique and real-looking nebulas? ;)
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You already know the answer to this question ;)
99% of what I've been doing is based on 2 sphericals, or more spherical pairs in Xaos loops.
You can make anything with 2 sphericals, depending on size/scale/position/relation of their pre- and post-affines.
For nebulas, what you want is something between hard structured forms and blur, so that it looks like clouds, but not completely random or blurry.
You can start from a spherical plant setup, and move/scale them around.
I've been doing that for years now, it's the perfect "waste" of time, but you become more intuitive at it so it will take less effort to get to what you want as you keep trying.
For stars I used crackle and noise in this case, sometimes i like to use rays too.
I will try to write everything down in a more practical manner like a tutorial at some point. But it's going to take time.
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LukasFractalizatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds good enough! I think I am always going for more detailed and sharp texture, but I guess I should look for some smoothness as well! Thank you very much! ;)
Btw, the tut sound like a neat idea! :)
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Sharp textures are great, the detail is sometimes priceless...
but clouds, gas, fire, and those things have a very elusive shape, something between solid matter and blur but not total blur.
Watching the clouds can be very inspiring :)
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LukasFractalizatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Hopefully I will manage to make something just like this! :)
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I think taking this as an example is maybe not the best idea, as there is an infinite amount of nebulas out there, all with their own unique shape and configuration.
Google for nebulas, sometimes they have a nice pallet to start with too, like the "Pillars of Creation", ... the real treasures are out there in space! :)
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longestdistanceHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely stunning!
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83ImageingStudent Traditional Artist
Another awesome piece. Really cool!
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