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April 23, 2019
Mystic by JanRobbe
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Cover art for Yunasai's upcoming album "Mystic".

Thank you so much for your support C-91 - and everyone watching.
Truth is I haven't been as active as I used to be, due to my obsessive involvement in audio / sound design and game design / programming / ....
I do get motivated when people ask me to make something for them, such as cover art in this instance, which wasn't a paid affair, but more of an exchange of skills (Yunasai will do the mastering for my album in return).
This type of deal, and paid "assignments", are the perfect excuses for me to pick up the ball and get rolling again - as I haven't had an external/fulltime job for a long time, besides selling my own productions, it's mostly a matter of priorities and splintering up my agenda.

However... a lot of the time it feels like I'm not innovating anymore. I have already "seen" most spherical configurations, so it is hard to do something new with them. I used to think I was kidding myself, but after 281GB of renders, made up of about 30k (rough estimate) mostly spherical-based fractals, +238GB worth of animations, I think it's becoming true.
Even multiple xaos loops (with spherical pairs) don't inspire me so much anymore.
I'm also desperately missing 3D aspects in Chaotica, and while the "projective" transform is fun, it's hardly 3D.
I've not been arsed to learn more fractal software, and MB3D turned out to not be my thing.
I suppose I will remain watching from a distance, quietly, perhaps in vain, hoping for such improvements... at least until someone requires my particular services, or until I can come up with some new fractal / generative styles.

"Mystic" uses only 3 transforms (+ camera transform), and one of Apophysis' better color gradients. I removed my usual "stars" (crackle/noise/... transform) as well, as less seemed more in this case, and the subject matter didn't require me to go for a "cosmic" approach. It took 22 edits (spinoffs) to get to this image.

I don't usually mention all of my projects in the same place but I will put some links below should you be interested in learning more about my creations.


Game Development:

Graphic Design:

Take care of yourselves, stay creative, try to innovate, experiment, find your passion(s), pursue them relentlessly, don't be a quitter for your own sake (nobody ever said it was easy unless they've gone through all the years of effort themselves)!

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