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January 30, 2013
Geometric Texture 8 by ~JanRobbe
Featured by SaTaNiA
Suggested by f-ix
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Geometric Texture 8

2 Apo7x renders layered in PS.

Thanks a lot for the Daily Deviation! I guess now I should be making more...? ;)
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What is PS? i wanted to try to make one of these.
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hehe... it's just 2 Apophysis renders layered in Photoshop, not much else to it!
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well i personally am debating weather or not i should get Photoshop, cause this is awesome and i wanted to make this type of art, any recommendations? And are these generally hard in your personal opinion?


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It's not Photoshop you're looking for, it's Apophysis 7X (if you want to make this kind of stuff). Luckily, that one won't cost you 1000s of dollars (it's free).
And yes, I do think this is easy to create, but no artform is easy if you're a beginner.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the input!

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:iconkissingplz: beautiful!!
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Awesome! :D

Can I use it for a game, granting you credits, and an annual percentage as it turns commercial?

Please consider my offer :)

to the following link:---> [link]

If the link doesn't work you can see it on the Journal on my profile.

Have a nice day!
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The moment I saw this, I thought it was related to a Core from Gradius. :iconvicviperplz:
Famous words: "Destroy the Core!"
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that would be amazing on t-shirt
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Looks grand and stunning!
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This thing is dazzling!!!!!
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Congrats for de DD mate, looks like a technologic Dharma Logo, very inspirative for me!
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Love the pure simplicity of form.
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Congrats on your Daily Deviation!:squee::heart:
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Colin Baker? is that you?
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