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Flower of Life

By JanRobbe
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Simple, but a classic I guess.
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I like this one a lot.  Simple is sometimes more beautiful.
I've moved to Apo 7X to replace my old Apo, and I'm still a beginner.  What I don't understand is the cooperation with Chatica. I have no idea what Chaotica is whether it's something like my Corel 6X where I can adjust or change the render from Apo 7X.  Can you help, please???  Thanks.
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I don't know what Coral 6X is but Chaotica is flame rendering software.
You can simply copy your Apo7X flame (ctrl-C) and paste it (ctrl-V) to Chaotica.
It will then start doing what it does best: rendering fractals with extreme sharpness & precision.
There are some limitations, such as the fact that you're limited to only x and y coordinates (it will ignore Z-depth/perspective).
Still it's the best money I ever spent on a piece of software.
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Thanks for the explanation.  I've downloaded Chaotica but couldn't find any explanations as how to use it.  With your help, at least I know now how to transfer a flame from Apo.  Corel is Paintshop Pro.
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Very nice simple flame :)
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This shape goes far beyond art. Its thousands upon thousands of years old. Everything can be created from this pattern, cells in our bodies divide using this pattern. Very beautiful job, I like how you highlighted the seed of life in the center.
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Plays tricks on my eyes all purdy-like.
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Reminds me of the Sempiternal album from Bring Me the Horizon... all-in-all it's nice, I like it
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It's a so-called "Sacred Geometry" pattern, it's been used in art for centuries :)…
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