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Vertigo Point

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After 8 days of almost consistent rain the sky broke open and the city of Reine got sun-drenched! Given my previous yield image-wise I was prettty happy to get at least the "classical" view in good conditions. The very famous view over Reine on the Lofoten in Norwegen. I really enjoyed my stay up there and I tried a little different panorama compared to the more "familiar" views. In this case I really liked the proportion of the lake with regards to Reine. The nicely situated sunstar and the early evening light are nice highlights as well.

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Very well done.
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I can just keep looking at this
I wish I was there
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This is gorgeous! I love the viewpoint. :D
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I was debating whether or not to get an ultra-wide lens because i have never stepped below 24mm. But look like i am sold on the idea. Thanks for the wonderful capture. Keep them comin' ;)
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That image was not taken with a wide angle lens! it was taken with 17-70mm on a pentax k5. it is a panorama stiched out of 5 vertical shot in order to get the desired viewing angle
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what a surprise then! Thanks for letting me know. I have the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L, but sometime i can't help but wanting more than just 24mm. Maybe i should learn stacking photos.
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It is sometimes very helpful!
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You don't have many Pics up, but what you have are Excellent. Good luck on your adventures around the world.   John
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Thanks a lot, if you are referring to Lofoten images you are quite right. The weather on that trip was mostly high fog and heavy rain, hence I am happy for what I have. In gerneral I think my gallery isnt that small :D
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This would be an awesome photo if you hadn't uploaded it with such a tiny resolution.
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I think 1200x600px is more than enough to get a feel for the scenery
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