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On my recent trip to Tenerife I was robbed and my car was broken into. I lost my entire equipment (worth 3k). I am now starting a donation site on gofundme to get back on my feed.
 You can read the entire story there. I provided an English as well as a German reading.
Maybe some of you like my work even if you are not familiar with it. I am just trying everything to be able to start photography again.
I am helpfull for any help! Maybe you share this on your FB pages or donate some bucs.
Thanks for your time! Jan.

Outlook near Schrammsteine Germany. One of the most impressive sunsets I've seen so far. 
Golden Light illuminated the valley!

Thanks to the unknown women who showed us the place. This was definitely the trip's treasure.

I am honored to have so much attention on this image lately, but I don't know how this is possible and how this happend.
I dont know how to thank that person for the feature, but I really am honored!

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My friend NicolasAlexanderOtto finally uploaded his version from this evening: 
In Waves of Golden Light by NicolasAlexanderOtto
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Oct 29, 2013, 4:18:13 PM
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Treasure seems to be the perfect title for this. We need to treasure the world, treasure nature, treasure the fact that we have places like this in the world, that you've captured just beautifully!

I love exceptional views like this. You captured the foreground and the view, which gives the viewer a sense of how high you really were and makes them feel like they're standing on top of the world.

That sunset is just so warm. The light is gorgeous and I love the beams, which makes it feel like a warm Summer sunset. The horizon is beautiful with the silhouettes of the other mountains. I also love the clouds and the sun peaking through.

You've captured a great view, but also a great feeling. Well done! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="390" title="=) (Smile)"/>
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I forgot to add that I also really like the placement of your signature. That dark spot looks perfect. It's visible, but not distracting at all :thumbsup:
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My pleasure! :aww:
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I believe you have chosen this particular one-word title because of the golden light that covers the land and makes it look so adorable. This image however is also perceived by me as a 'treasure' for the eyes. It's not some image one just takes a quick glance at, but a magical view people feast their eyes on at least for a couple of minutes.

You managed to capture a very wide area, the point where You were standing seems to be the perfect one to seize the atmosphere of the sunset as well as the marvelous terrain.

Looking at such view, one can almost feel the wind on his face and the last warm sunbeams before dusk. It's wonderful.
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Thanks so much :bow:
I do think that this special viewpoint is one of the greatest in saxony switzerland!
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the pleasure is all mine :glomp:
this picture is like something taken straight from a dream...
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The timing of this shot is brilliant with the sun peeking out from between two passing clouds over the gorgeous landscape. I especially like the vibrant yellows and greens enhanced by the sunlight and contrasted by the shadows, which also give life to the rocky textures mixed in. It feels as though I can just step into the image and bask in its warmth. The vantage point is very key here, surveying a diverse landscape and capturing all the details, including what appear to be little homes lining the frontiers.

I do find the tree leaves rather blurry or fuzzy as though the wind was blowing while the picture was taken. It does not seem like I can pick out their details as well as I can with the rocks, unless of course, the leaves actually look like that.

Great photo. Good job.
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Thanks a lot dude! I really appreciate your effort of writing a longer comment on my image :)

Regarding the leaves: It was a very windy evening, so there was no way of getting it razor sharp :)
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You're very welcome!

I understand the wind part. It really is difficult to get nature to sit still for a photo. =P
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Incredible capture! Excellent color and light.
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You're welcome!
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amazing exposure nice light!
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Ein super schönes Foto.
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schöne und dabei sehr realistische Aufnahme- top! =)
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Vielen dank, vorallem der zweite Aspekt freut mich sehr!
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