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July 3, 2015
The mirror-like reflection of the sky makes Theatrum orbis Terrarum by JanPusdrowski a picturesque waterscape with tranquil water encircled by magnificent mountains.
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Theatrum orbis Terrarum

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My very first impression of my recent trips to the French and Swiss alps. Beautiful evening at the Lacs de Chesery near Chamonix, I really feel lucky for getting such an awesome reflection that evening - the perfect mirror. I really like the subtle alpenglow as well. Feel free to share if you like.
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This beauty... I could grasp onto it forever. Hold it in the palm of my hand... And I would never let go. This shot of crystal clear beauty is why why stay here on the earth! We stay to enjoy the beauty to see what we cannot hear, smelll, or feel. The eyes I think is the most wonderous thing on our body because it allows us to see things so breathtakingly beautiful that we could never forget a single moment of the encounter. The sky, nature, and many other places hold the beauty we seek. This place is one of them. And one I hope to find a place as beautiful as this and be able to savor the moment, and memory of this forever.
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Wie hatte sich denn der Sonnenuntergang weiter entwickelt?
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Gab keinen, danach wurd es schwach und dann war das licht weg. Zu viel dies, die Luftklarheit war nicht ganz so gut, leider
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Schade, Scheiß Dies gell ... kaum was ist schlimmer. :D
JanPusdrowski's avatar
kann man nichts machen :D hab ja noch eine Nachtaufnahme rausgeholt, sodass der Aufstieg sich dennoch gelohnt hat
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Piękny widok ... i to lustrzane odbicie. Coś wspaniałego :)
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:D I dont understand sorry!
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You added it to "Polish-Deviantarts" group so i guessed you were one :)
What i meant is the picture looks marvelous, and the water mirroring the mountains makes it even more hypnotizing :P
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Le haut est en bas. Magnifique symétrie naturelle !
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Absolutely majestic! :)
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This landscape Is fubulous ! :-)
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ah i see we have a latin scholar here
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Truly amazing.  Bravo!
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Incredible. A truly amazing shot.
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