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The Rook - Chess Series II

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Westhafen Tower - Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The persistent financial crisis in the Europe - especially in the Euro-Zone – and my recent trip to Frankfurt am Main (which can be regarded as Europe’s financial heart) generated an idea in my mind.
With Frankfurt being one of the few European cities with a significant number of skyscrapers, meaning buildings at least 150m tall. 14 out of a total of 15 skyscrapers in Germany are located in Frankfurt. Most of them are built by or owned by banks or other financial institutions. (For instance: The Westend Tower is the headquarters of DZ Bank or Commerzbank Tower functions as headquarters of the Commerzbank)
All these institutions are financial actors within the financial crisis. Some of them received a share in the profits; some of them paid fines; some of them even declared bankruptcy. (To be precise: Most declarations of bankruptcy happened outside of Frankfurt). But the common denominator, or the most important
similarity of all actors is that they are intrinsic players of a game we call finance.
So as I was going through my images, I thought if finance was a game, and if this game had certain rules (I have my own concerns at this point) I thought it could be regarded as chess – finance as highly strategic game to manifest certain hegemony.
So I will label my minimalistic architecture images according to chess pieces. None of the names reflects actual roles or duty of the aforementioned actors; they are just a verbalization of the composition presented in the images.

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Immutable Dusk by JanPusdrowski
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Very interesting shot, with high detail. I saw this shot without the comments at first on undiscovered. It looked like a huge building or power plant in a futuristic world. I noticed the light addition of blue and attributed it to the concrete city covering up the hues of nature.

Upon reading the description you left, I saw you were more so attempting to show these buildings as dominant forces in the world of finance. For this effect, try to explore the scene with additional buildings, underneath the rook, with the rook towering over them. Small to tiny in comparison, it would help drive home that towering feel. In film, items moving towards the left are usually in trouble, whilst items facing the right are usually in flourish. Also consider this in your composition as you see fit. Imagine walking on a chess board and looking up at the rook.

Excellent polish the metals and fantastic lighting, looking forward to future deviations. Cheers!
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a detailed critique! Highly appreciated!
no problem! feel free to critique mine as well if you like!
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amazing architectural photography
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thanks glad you like ti!
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Great perspective, tones and sharpness :nod:
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The monochromatic enhances the power of the rook, and the view point again focuses on the tower. Great job! How long did it take you to find this vantage point?  
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Actually I scouted it on google earth before, hence I found it rather quick. For this shot was taken out of an entrance of a subterranean garage. I just got lucky that it was closed on saturdays so I was able to crawl on the lane and get a very steep angle out of the tunnel. :)

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Thank you for explaining the set-up for this shot!
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Pure beauty ! :faint:
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WOW, what a fabulous shot!  I really like your idea of the Chess Series.  Very clever and satirical.
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Thanks dude! Glad you like it !  It was my intention to get all images the same and very dark futuristic (some wanna call it dystopic look) :)
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You're very welcome!! This was an excellent choice for the rook.  Can't wait to see the Bishop! :D (Big Grin) 
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The bishop is still in the making due to the very difficult editing. I hope to get it done.
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