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Masca Massif II

ad not planned on revisiting this location but a bad weather system made me change my initial plans. So I drove south to the Teno region in order to try my luck there. Fortunately the vertical walls to my right blocked most of the clouds and I had a clear sky and a nice view towards La Gomera.

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Location:Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
Camera:Nikon D800
Lens:Tamron 15-30mm
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Great timing and composition with the sunburst right over the peak!
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Very nice image.
Tamron is a killer lens, love the mirco contrast.
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Thanks, I really love this lens for the sunstar and the overall image quality. I know some people who complain about the sharpness of this lens esp. at Nikon bodys but I think I found a way to get crip results. For this image I just clicked 2-3times on the shutter to focus and the focusmeter adjusted itself a tiny bit each time. In the end I ended up having a very sharp foreground a  sharp background
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My pleasure. :)

Yeah the sunstars are amazing on this lens, I would say that it is very close to being one of the best for it.
Oh, the focus thing, yeah that can be annoying at times, I found out early on not to trust the autofocus on the lens, instead I always focus manually, guess I am just so used to it after shooting a lot with Zeiss  lenses.
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okay if you're shooting with Zeiss it is routine thing for you. But since Zeiss is manually only the have a better focus throw - so you can turn the ring much more precisely (if you know what I mean)
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Yeah, admittedly many of Zeiss lenses gets beaten in optical performancee, but few if any comes close to Zeiss when it comes to build quality.
Still, the Tamron lens is rather easy to work with, especially using live view. :)
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But still, focussing in live view during the blue hour / twilight is almost impossible therefore a precise AF is always great to have :D
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Yeah, then you need some lights for sure.
During winter time I always stick with the Zeiss 15mm f/2.8, it has a perfect hard stop infinity focus, so you never have to worry about getting focus when it is dark, it has gotten me many shots that I otherwise would not have if I had to get fiddle around getting perfect focus.
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