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One Shot. Eddie Vedder.
I’m sitting on my chair, doing some writing and listening to his band to have his voice in my life even if his presence is not there. I peek up to look at my framed picture; it’s him and me…it’s what makes me happy and what keeps me alive, the motor of my heart and reason of my smiles. It’s us. That framed picture of his lips gently caressing my cheek as his arms surround my waist and his hair covers half his face. Every time I remember the day we got that picture taken I smile and think of everything he has helped me through…and everything we’ve lived together.
It’s 5:00 PM and this is the moment of the day in which I feel more inspired. My door is locked, mom is not home and dad will be all across the country for one month because of his job. I’m at my third cup of coffee and writing is going pretty well.
I suddenly hear a knock in the window. It’s him? I stop the music and open the curtain. Yes, it’s him. I smile an
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Pearl Jam. One Shot #2 :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 0 0
Mature content
Pearl Jam. One Shot #2 :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 0 0
Pearl Jam one shot.
I’m kind of getting used to all of this, even if it is not what I had in mind for my life. I had planned on getting a normal boyfriend, who went to college with me, then, we’d get married and have a beautiful life. Yeah, this is nothing like my plan. In fact, I feel happy; really happy. He is all I could I ask for; he’s carefree, funny, amusing, caring, loving. He’s my dream come true. Mom does not approve at all, but I guess I’m a grown-up and I’m able to choose who I hang out with.
I’m behind everything; no one can see me. That’s kind of good. Everything’s going great. It’s raining, but who cares? Everybody’s having a good time and I guess that’s what’s important to him.
They start the last song “Rockin’ in the Free World.” Wow! The crowd’s going wild, the band’s wild already. Jeez. Eddie’s taking pictures of the audience. He looks so happy. His own dreams came true. My w
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Unnamed #2
“Alright, so, what’s the worst thing you’ve done to a friend?” Sam asked. Krista, Kelly, Maddy, Emily, Anthony, and I were at my place, sleeping until late and having some fun.  Krista was lying on the floor, all covered by my brown rug, checking her phone as always. Sam was sitting on my computer chair, all fresh. Kelly, as usual, was sitting as a normal person on the rug. Maddy? Well, she was sitting on the bed just like Anthony. I was lying on Anthony’s lap. And Emily was enjoying the comfort of my puff couch.
“Well, I’ve only lied to my friends…” Kelly said.
“And…that’s it? No pranks or whatever?” Krista asked her.
“Well, no. Besides, those were white lies. I’ve never actually…done something wrong.”
“Oh, God, Kelly, you’re such a good girl.” Emily said.
“Come on, Emily; don’t tell me you’re now a bad girl.” Anthony said.
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As we walk downstairs to go out, he lets me go first. He opens the door, touches my back to let me know I must go before him, and closes it behind him. I stand in front of him and we start walking. He’s taller than me, which makes us look nice together. We walk slowly, I feel the peace. He’s on his bothering mood; he’s active, wanting to do something. We get to the park, we sit on the grass. He, as usual, lies down. All I wish to do is lie beside him and have a nice moment, and I don’t do it because I know he’ll feel awkward. I just sit in front of him, as he talks about the things he likes. I enjoy his company, but I don’t know if he feels the same way. We laugh in some moments, and I love the way he laughs; he looks beautiful laughing, even though he’s not even attractive. We have a good time until he starts his little talk.
“Do you think she likes me?” He asks, sitting up and having a smile on his face.
“I can’t tell
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One Shot: Kogan Is Revealed :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 5 3
Mature content
35 Back...Once Again :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 2 0
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34 A Day Out :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 1 0
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33 Finding Out The Unexpected :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 1 0
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32 Big Time Hang Outs :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 1 0
Mature content
31 Epic Wishes :iconjannaschmidt:JannaSchmidt 2 0
30 Epic News
It was one random weekend morning; Kendall and I were having breakfast and spending a nice time.
“Listen, I have the last rehearsal before the Summer Break Tour”
“Really? Cool; I’m really excited for this”
“Would you like to come?”
“Um, yeah, it’d be nice” We smiled and finished eating. We got ready and made our way to the rehearsing room. James and Carlos were talking and Logan was late.
“Hey, guys” Kendall said.
“Hey! Hi, Alex” James answered.
“Hi, James, hi, Carlos”
“Hi, what’s up?” Carlos said.
“Um, not much, just coming to see you rehearse” I said.
“Logan’s late again, right?” Kendall said.
“Yeah, do you know why he’s always late?” I asked.
“I think he spends too much time getting ready and trying to look good; he’s worst than James” Kendall joked.
“Oh, come on, I’m not that bad” James
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29: Big Time Questions
Two weeks later.
Kendall’s POV
I woke up early one morning to prepare breakfast for Alex. I went to the kitchen and prepared scrambled eggs and waffles with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on the top. I served them on a plate and put it on a breakfast tray. I served some home-made orange juice and put it as well. I decorated the tray with a gerbera and the words “I love you” written with strawberry syrup. I went to our room; left the tray on the bedside, took my guitar, and started singing the first verse for “Nothing Even Matters” beside the bed. While I sang, she opened her eyes and sat up. I finished singing and she smiled to me.
“Good morning” I said, smiling and leaving my guitar on its place.
“Good morning, K” She said, as I put the tray over her legs.
“And what’s all this?”
“Some little detail…” I sat beside her.
“Well, it all looks delicious. And…I love you too” She s
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One Shot. KCA Special.
One Shot. Kid’s Choice Awards Special.
Alex POV
Kendall and I woke up one sunny, Saturday morning.
“Good morning, babe” I said, kissing his cheek.      
He sighed. “Good morning, sweetie. I have good news for you”
“You do? What is it?”
“Let’s go out for breakfast and I’ll tell you”
“Uh, fine” I kissed him, smiled and stood up. I stretched myself and looked for my towels. I went to take a shower while Kendall waited for me. I went out with a towel on my head and my bathrobe on. I checked in my closet what I could wear, when I felt Kendall’s arms surrounding my waist from the back.
“I can’t wait to tell you; you’ll be really happy, I bet” He whispered.
“I can’t wait to know, then” He kissed my cheek and went to take a shower as well. I chose some nice, comfortable clothes. I took off the towel and brushed my hair. Kendall got out of the show
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Hope you like them, people!!


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Alright, hello, society!
I've been totally offline, I know, though I don't think someone actually misses me.
Anyway, I have been working really hard to make the Kendall Schmidt Fan Fiction much better. I've been adding emotion, characters and much more descripitions of everything. I do want to make this fiction worth of reading so that is why I need some time, since being a junior takes like 80 percent of my life. 

Please be patient if you're a follower of my work and if you're not, get ready for something good. 

LY all!
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