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The Midday Man
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Published: August 30, 2017
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This guy was inspired by germanic corn spirits/demons and some long and hot summer days.
Wanted to try out a more story-driven illustration this time.
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I noticed that there is something called a noon wraith in the Witcher games, though I think that they are all female.  Are these spirits normally female?  If so, then why did you choose to make this one male?  I would love to learn his story and what happens next. Do you have any links about corn spirits/demons that you could share?
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The Witcher games are based on Polish folklore, while I took my inspiration from German folklore. Because of the geographical closeness there's a lot of overlap, and since people tended to expand and add to these stories, there isn't really a 'normally' (the bestiary entry in The Witcher III isn't exactly true to the source material either). On the German side, male corn spirits were a common thing in form of the 'Hafermann' (oat man) or 'Heidmann' (heath man) or the Bilwis, which could be male or female - and like all good German spirits/demons, their favourite past time is stealing children. So that was the main reason I went for a male spirit. I don't know if there's a Polish equivalent, so far I haven't found one. 
You can find some more info here if you're interested: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feldgeis…
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Thank you very much. I learned something new and got an awesome link to check out.
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something about the corn spirit just drew me to this piece, he looks very creepy and cool :D I want to see more of this corn guy!
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Thanks! Maybe I'll draw some more corn spirits in the future :) (Smile) 
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PaardjeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man this is one creepy and eerie piece you've made right here c;
I love the dark atmosphere and the contrastbetween the corn spirit and the little girl <3
His grin is so very unsettling and those hounds hidden in the corn really add to the whole mood of the drawing :love:
And may I just say that I adore the background? :heart: It really reminds me of a traditional painting and I always admire that in a digital piece of art :clap: Awesome job Chrys! <3
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Thank you so much! :hug::heart: It was fun doing something completely different from my usual character stuff, I hope I can find some more obscure middle European myths :D
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curiousdoodlerHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool! Love the composition! It definitely makes me want to know more!
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Thank you! This wikipedia article talks a bit about corn spirits and Wilhelm Mannhardt's books are a good source, too :)
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WestlyLaFleurProfessional Digital Artist
Crazy; which corn spirit? How do I find out more about this legend?

:thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
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There are many different forms of corn spirits, but I went for the male version, which is actually called "Hafermann" ("oat man").
It's basically local mythology, but I had to do some research because most heathen legends disappeared over the years. Wilhelm Mannhardt's books were a good source :)
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squanpieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah, seriously creepy face! I like how subtle the dog creatures are. I didn't notice them for a while - it's like the actually weren't there at the first glance. :fear:

The contrast between the girl and the creepy guy makes it even more unsettling. Amazing work!

I'd be interested to find out more about the inspiration for this one. I love finding out about different folklore stuff!
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Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear it, I was hoping for an effect like that C:

Oh boy, I'm happy to oblige haha
Corn spirits are wraiths or demons that appear in crop fields, mostly at noon, sometimes after dark as well. And there are tons of them! Not only human, but also all kinds of animals as well, and they have various names each.. But those most widely known are called rye wolves (Roggenwolf), wind's bride (Windsbraut) corn mother (Kornmutter) and oat man (Hafermann). Like all good German folklore beings they are known for abducting children who aren't safely at home. But sometimes they can do good deeds, too. They say that on the last day of harvest, the spirit seeks shelter in the last ear, that's why back then nobody wanted to cut the last one. Sometimes the farmers even left the last patch of crops untouched, because they feared the spirits wrath.
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It feels like we're looking at this scene through a camera or something, because of the border and circle thing with the eyes. :>
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Oh that's an interesting thought!
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AndreeaLupsaNLStudent Digital Artist
Awesomee Heart Heart 
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SexySteamPinkProfessional Photographer
Creepy as hell...and terrifically well made. Awesome!
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Thanks, I'm glad the creepy worked, despited all the flowers and being set at midday C:
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SexySteamPinkProfessional Photographer
The scarecrow offsets the flowers. He's a regular nightmare!
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FaircryHobbyist Writer
This is absolutely amazing !
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