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  • Mar 15, 1995
  • Finland
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My Bio
Just a random, crazy and hopefully also funny Finnish gamer boy from a city called Lahti making weird stuff and sometimes some good ones too. :) Mostly databending his own photos. I also make quite random videos on Youtube as Janmeeba(i use Janmeeba as my [nick]name on pretty much every single social networking site/service/app i'm registered in, so it should be[on purpose] really easy to find me there :) ).

My dream is to become a professional game developer someday in the future and i'm REALLY motivated to achieve that dream and currently studying in a Finnish upper secondary school that has got a technology line and that offers 13 programming courses. Studying there is AWESOME for a guy like me! I have always had this never-ending hunger for information of all sorts. :)

My native language is Finnish but since i started to study English on 3rd grade, i have thought in English more and more. Result is that nowadays i have become a bilingual thinker; i think 50% in Finnish and 50% in English! 8D

I have also been diagnosed with ADD(when i was in pre-school) and Asperger(when i was on 8th grade). :)

If you want to get to know me (better), feel free to talk to me! I love discussing with people and i also tend to write really big chunks of text maybe even too easily but hey, i can't do anything for my personality... Speaking of personality, i'm extremely shy IRL and i wish i had better social skills as i am quite social but without those skills i could as well describe myself as a mute person. :S

Favourite Visual Artist
Don't know for sure.
Favourite Movies
Inception, Jade Warrior, Jumanji.
Favourite TV Shows
Simpsons, The Walking Dead.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
2nnt, Darude, Ari Koivunen, Lordi.
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Jan(some kind of detective book series).
Favourite Writers
Don't know for sure. J.K.Rowling?
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank series, Sly series, WipEout HD + Fury, Super Stardust HD, inFamous.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Hardware: Digital camera/camera phone and computer. Software: Audacity.
Other Interests
Databending and programming and some random weird things.
Down the rabbit hole:
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I'm going to Sweden on Sunday(Hmm... It's tomorrow! :O) with my mom and no, i'm not moving there, just going for a short trip. ^^ I'll be in Stockholm during next Monday and Tuesday and i hope i'll have fun there and get ideas and take good photos and all kinds of stuff etc etc etc. 8D I wen there on last summer too, with mom, and actually visited DICE(Digital Illusions Computer Entertainment, a Swedish world-famous game developer company who made games like Mirror's Edge and the Battlefield series), or, well, just the lobby/reception area(i didn't even ask if it would be possible to visit further because i was too afraid due to my shyness
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Is it weird that the first time i ever drew anything succesfully(this drawing here: http://fav.me/d6gbv03 ) was when i was 17? I mean, as a child i never liked drawing and later i always thought that i can't draw anything else than stick figures... Now, after few succesful drawings i'm starting to think that i can draw BUT only when i have got an emotional bond to the work. :s
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Happy Birthday!Birthday cake  icon 
Happy Birthday!birthday cake 
I'm responding "a bit" late but thanks! :D
thx for the faves and nice comments and watch =)
No problem! It's always nice to see awesome glitch art(and other kinds of art, too). ^^
Kiitos Watch:ista. (^^)