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Panther vs. Sherman

By JanKlimecky
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I just spent few days on my newest "deviation"... My all time favourite tank - German Panther!
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skvelá práca , model tohoto stroja sa chystám skoro postaviť , hodil by sa mi k nemu takýto obraz , ešte  raz veľmi pekné ... dá sa niekde kúpiť tvoj obrázok do tlače ? 
Looks good but gun mantlet and barrel are totally wrong. Mantlet not wide enough and gun not a 7.5 cm,it's too thin. Not bad though, but the Tommy cooker would be blazing from the back not the front.
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The Panther on the prowl
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Rather have the Panzer IV.  Panzer Vor!
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Panther with zimmerit.
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my moneys on the panther winning the fight
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perfect,looking like painted diorama
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Poor Sherman. Great pic!
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Agreed^^ I prefer the Panther instead of Tiger 1
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Yeah! best WW2 tank near  the T-34
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what is that weird texture effect on the hull i always see panthers have?
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It's a special hull design the Germans put on their tanks. Its to stop mines sticking onto them.
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Well, actually, its a paste. They just put it on it to limit the amount of tanks destroyed by mines. Less need for minesweepers then
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was it effective?

(reminds me of the british running copper wires around their ships to stop magnetic mines)
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A little, the Brits used it a bit aswell
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Actually it's not a hull design at all. It's an add-on paste you can apply to it. The stuff is called zimmerit Anti-Magnetic Paste. Once developed, germans used to put it on everything they had, but then as the war progressed they stopped due the to curing process of the past slowing down production. The job of the past is to prevent magnetic contact between the tank hull and magnetic mines. This prevents the mine from attaching and detonating, which saves the tank meaning less need for mine sweepers. 
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yup. thats why if you go look at pictures of german tanks you can see area's where the "texture" looks like it was "scraped" off or it just fell mostly around the corners.…
as you can see in this picture the origional zimmerit has fallen off leaving this corner, or rather shoulder, of the tank smooth compared to the rest of the zimmerit covered hull. 
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The Sherman tank will win!
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