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Worthy Pony

derpy defeats ultron the end. :iconderpy-bopplz:

Just a fun quick doodle :)
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Derpy is the best
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Swag-trap the pimp-daddy :Greet the new goddess of thunder
Do I Look to be in a Gaming Mood?: i can not believe anything i cuold with the hammer
marvel gif  thor: just like you can not believe thor
Thor: Another! :I curse will end
Springtrap Eyebrows: Ha it appears not to accept either do not believe derpy
Derpy Emote icon : believe me is not whether or not it is an honor to be a new goddess of thunder
marvel gif  thor : do not worry about that I will speak with the time
marvel gif  thor : but for now I congratulate you for being derpy new take good care successor hammer
Blushy Pony : thanks I not disappoint
marvel gif  thor :
well if so soon
 Swag-trap the pimp-daddy: congratulations than good derpy
Derpy Emote icon : Thank you              
Springtrap Eyebrows: good we go home and then invite a muffin that you think
Blushy Pony :
thank you very much springtrap
Swag-trap the pimp-daddy : you are welcome

Purple Guy Wat Icon
: perhaps become the new goddess of thunder

Big deal.  Rumble can do the same thing.;) (Wink) 
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I can explain for the cutie. You're a worthy pony to wield Mjolnir. It's s great honor to be chosen by the hammer.
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Because, why not? XD
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I'm thinking it goes like how it was in "The Sword in the Stone". Some pony just asks her for a hammer and she grabs the first one she sees. It just happens that that one is Mjolnir...
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Until she learns how to control it, take covers.
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All hail the goddess of thunder and muffins :D
Thundermuffins could be her superhero name.

I can't decide if thundermuffins sounds like a euphemism for breasts or thighs.
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she makes a better thor.
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.....We are Doomed. Dr Doom not that doomed!!
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Ultron is doomed now :D
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Hooray for Derpy~! :clap: 
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Derpy is Worthy.
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Derpy's got Da Powah?!

Stars help us...
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