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Thanks for the Snack Anon

There something about this sunset girl?... I can't seem to put my finger on it....
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This must've been taken a short time after Sunset got banished to the human world.

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Sunset is best waifu. Heart Love 
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ME; You ate the flowers....

SUNSET; A bouquet of flowers is literally a box of chocolates to me.

ME; But I just picked those from my own garden.

SUNSET; Well the I guess you got me chocolates you made yourself then, you're so sweet :3

ME; O..okay then....
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Would've made more sense to give her dandelions then. =P
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Haha XD I always had that headcanon that Sunset still eats pony food like hay and makes daffodil and daisy sandwiches.
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Maybe in a possible future episode, dare I say 200th, they will have Sunset visit Equestria and joke about her experiences getting accustomed to life in the human world, now that she needs to get used to be pony again.
Unfortunately I think it's to late to do it in the Equestria Girls movies.
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I guess you can take the girl out of equestria, but you can't take equestria out of the girl! xD im sure sunset still has alot of horse tendencies she has to keep in check. 

ps. keep up the awesome youtube vids! :D
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You used to be a cow, didn't you? :)
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what! no, im just...a hardcore vegan...yeah thats it, like really hardcore! :)
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Huh... learn something new everyday, I guess.
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