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Soldiers of the Wasteland V2

Pencil drawing painted over in photoshop. Post-apocalyptic biker goodness.

Biker dude done to look like my brother :iconfalloutpanda: :D

The first version of this has been bothering me for ages, so yesterday I decided to completely re-do it. Quite happy with the result :D

© 2010 Janice Duke
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I really like how this one scene seems to be indicative of or set up a whole world or story behind it. For instance, it seems like it would be the cover of a comic book or novel. Or in other words the image displays or tells a story. Really cool.
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That was the feel I was going for, glad you like :D

I was going to be involved in a short post apoc comic, but it seems to have fallen through.
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This kinda reminds me about Fallout =P
I wonder if those are super mutants who are running after them ;P
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My brother loves Fallout, and its supposed to be him on the bike ;P
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I think bike would be really awesome vehicle in Fallout ( can't remember if you could actually get one in the old Fallouts...), at least I would find it really nice to just drive through places instead of just "fast traveling" from point to point =) It would make the game more into sandbox kind of place where you could roam around like in Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind ;P
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Nice work!
I think motorcycles are going to be the official vehicle of the apocalypse!
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Cheers! :D They definitely have the coolness factor :nod:
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They seem like they would be easy to rig up if they broke down.
And you could get a lot farther on the precious juice.
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Cracking, the feeling of speed is spot on. I’ve only just noticed he’s steering around the viewer which is a nice touch – I reckon it adds to the drama and makes me feel more involved in the picture.
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I just love the look on his face, I think it says something like "Fuck yeah, I'm an awesome bastard." I hope Tom likes it :D
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its awesome. i like how it "jumps" out of the frame :P
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Thank you! :D Yes, I like that effect a lot :D
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