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Commission. Custom avatar for the miniature conversions blog ‘Convert or Die’

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Hector-TV's avatar
I love this design. It's really really good. 
feral-prodigy's avatar
amazing! it seems that even without color you bring to life so many pieces of art. I love the darkly poetic steampunk vibe with this one
JaniceDuke's avatar
Being able to do it without colour is what makes the colour work even better ;)

Cheers :D
stuntedsanity's avatar
Another great skull with a slightly creepy cyborg magpie.
AntonChanning's avatar
The skull with needles reminds me of the 'mark 13 cyborg' in the Richard Stanley classic 'Hardware'. Although that robot only had a head that looked 'skull-like' :)
JaniceDuke's avatar
Never read that one, any good?
AntonChanning's avatar
Its a film. The very film that introduced me to the band Ministry. 'Stigmata' is played as part of the soundtrack. Its a sort of 2000AD comic inspired sci-fi thriller with a robot monster. Pretty non-mainstream but surprisingly well made considering. Has been one of my favourite films for a number of years, although when I watched Richard Stanley's "Dust Devil", I found I prefer it. More magically orientated...
CreativeCountryGirl5's avatar
this is cool, it kind of reminds me a bit of Dishonored and the neat part about this work is the textures you have created using only black. that's challenging even in colour :) cheers to great art! :)
JaniceDuke's avatar
Thanks! :D I enjoy a challenge ;)
Ellen-Ann's avatar
This is insane, brilliant! 
JaniceDuke's avatar
Glad you think so :D
FlynnRyder's avatar
That is so cool lookin'
GalgalimsEye's avatar
thats pretty awesome, i love the detail
JaniceDuke's avatar
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