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Love is:
But with care;
Without compare;

Something that should have always
Been there,
Not father’s absence, not mother’s spiteful despair;
Truthful, patient, gentle, kind,
All I ever had in mind;
Wholeness grown from deep inside,

Standing alone, but also beside
And me,
No chains, no cage;
Ever and always.
'We accept the love we think we deserve.' Stephen Chbosky

I was thinking about what love means to me today. These were some of my answers.
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Velox-Mortis Featured By Owner May 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
JaniceDuke Featured By Owner May 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
AC-Spot Featured By Owner May 27, 2018
You shared with us your wonderful meditation on love... it's so lovely and deep-felt. What you wrote in "Not father’s absence, not mother’s spiteful despair" especially resonates with me personally.

I think love is what protects us as we open ourselves up to the world. It changes us so we become ourselves.

Thank you for writing the beautiful verse.
JaniceDuke Featured By Owner May 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for your appreciation.

If that line really did resonate, I highly recommend having a look at this video by Richard Grannon about how our relationships with our parents can effect our relationships with partners:…

Richard has been a big inspiration to me the last few years, especially with regard to emotional literacy.
AC-Spot Featured By Owner May 28, 2018
Thank you Janice for the recommendation. Yes indeed I find everything you wrote resonating especially about the family origins. For me healing is a never ending journey and I am grateful for all the inspirations and support I receive.
JaniceDuke Featured By Owner May 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Healing is indeed a never ending journey. It was only by admitting to myself how broken I was that I could find the strength to become who I really am, and discover just how strong I am. Have you ever seen Kintsugi? Its the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold, treating the breakage and repair as "part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise". Our scars never go away, but they can become our strengths, defining us in positive ways. They are the work we do on ourselves. Wise hearts are scarred with lines of gold. Sounds like the start of another poem ;)
AC-Spot Featured By Owner May 31, 2018
Thank you for sharing your poetic insight! Yes, I'm familiar with the art form of repairing ceramics and I think you've created an insightful metaphor into the process of healing. Just like repairing, it starts with the acceptance of loss and it takes endurance and patience. I love how you express yourself here and in your recent new poem.
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