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Janice Duke
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Illustrator & writer, creating magical creatures & mythical beings.

For use of any images please email me at with the details and ask for permission and conditions first.
My first solo book, Hawk Divine, is available in paperback and on Kindle!

Written and fully illustrated by yours truly, Hawk Divine features my eight Egyptian Gods portrait series, as well as previously unseen work. Eight short stories unfold in a modern context, exploring aspects of each of the eight deities presented. Syncretic, supernatural and definitely different, I really hope you enjoy it!


Stepping from dusty temple walls, crumbling papyrus and long forgotten stories in ancient tongues, eight Egyptian gods come forth into our modern world. Through liminal spaces and altered states of consciousness pour the tales of their ingress and adoration. Hawk Divine asks us to wonder: Do spirits and monsters walk among us? Does the magic of imagination, word and image evoke gods into existence? Can the wisdom of a meaning-rich, poetic and life-affirming past save us from a meaningless, robotic and desolate future?

Featuring Janice Duke’s eight Egyptian Gods portrait series as full page illustrations, as well as eight new illustrations – including two double page images of Horus and Set – the text comes to life in full colour. Step into an enchanted world: this world.


What is the book about?

Hawk Divine is a series of short stories written in the first person. Each story explores an encounter with an ancient Egyptian deity in a modern context. Themes delved into include near death experience, elation, heartbreak, wonder, enlightenment, despair and desire.

In the ancient world deities were often context specific, even to the point of having different forms in different places and different times. There was no ‘one true’ notion of such beings, they were living, evolving entities, with histories and agendas. They also tended to embody particular qualities and aspirations. Each story acts as a gateway to connect to those qualities and aspirations and provide a new time and place in which these mythic characters can express themselves.

Why is it written in the first person?

I have two reasons for this.

Firstly, one of my biggest inspirations for writing Hawk Divine was The Egyptian Book of the Dead. This is a collection of spells which, according to ancient Egyptian belief, enabled the soul of the deceased to navigate the afterlife. The title itself is a mistranslation, it would be more apt to call it An Egyptian Book of Life, as life after death was the aim, with the afterlife considered a continuation of life on Earth, and the journey there containing risks, friends and unexpected events, just as in life. The texts themselves are life affirming in their rich descriptions of particular encounters with, and reflections upon, life through the eyes of another, and each set of spells was written for a particular individual. Every translation of them I have read has been in the first person. So, in keeping with that, it seemed fitting.

My second reason is the more important though. I would like the reader to feel as though they have stepped into a part of someone else’s life. That is the effect I felt when reading The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a part of its magic. Hawk Divine attempts a kind of invocation of the reader into the story. Whether it works or not is up to you to decide.

Are all the stories about the same person?

They could be, but they are not intended to be.

Why did you write it?

Fans of my illustration work requested that I create a series of Egyptian deities, starting some years ago. As I worked on the images, researching each being thoroughly, the temptation to write about such fascinating and beautiful subjects was simply too strong to resist. I have been a writer for most of my life, but very shy to show, let alone publish, anything. This particular series inspired me to combine words and images, to show the writer in myself as well as the artist, and to express various compelling themes in a new way.

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments.

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