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What in the name of sanity...

There are a million things I should be working on besides drawing the Doctor in a very silly hat. But... I just... couldn't... help myself.

Way to rain on the ridiculous hat parade Amy, GEEZE. Although he looks a lot less silly than I thought he would. I mean, the hat is RIDICULOUS. But he kind of pulls it off.
Like a lost member of an underfunded mariachi band.

Also - dude Matt Smith has a weird face(that i'm now a little in love with). I kindof obsessed over it, and it still doesn't look right.

Aaaaand.... because i have to say it OMG SATURDAY NEW EPISODEfffffffft. :heart::heart:
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I preferred this trope, between the two characters, to others that the show indulged in so heavily. In fact I have a comment for another piece that I'm just heading over to donate to right now...

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I'm dying laughing, because I could totally see 11 doing this. It also reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes were Hobbes wonders, "What fun is being cool if you can't wear a sombrero?" They should get together in their cool hats.
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Spain the boss approves!! Spain (Smile) [V7] Spain (Intro) [v7] Yayspain - 2nd Version 
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I wear a ____ now. ____s are cool!
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ha-ha, can totally hear him saying that now-
Everything he wears, touches, eats etc. is cool.
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The doctor can wear anything and make it look cool. Even celery!
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Amy reminds me of grumpy cat
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daleks: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE *exterminates the sombrero*
11th Doctor Dance : oh C'mon pond! At least give ol' Doctor a try for this hat! Please! I'll bring the fez back again...Rainbow fez Doctor Who Animated Smiley !
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Of course he would like that hat. I love Amy's face. :D
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Ah.... I know this is supposed to be funny... But thet 's not how those hats are...
Yeah, he's wearing it upside down!
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:giggle: no, I mean, the real ones doesn't have those things hanging from the edge XD
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I based it off one my grandmother bought in the 50's. So it's what they look like if they're the tacky tourist versions, which is clearly how the Doctor rolls.
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:giggle: okay! Do you know by any chance from where? That would explain a lot.
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stick to the fez!! XDD
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