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more fanarts for ~forthrightly's Unspoiled because She is BRILLIANT, and the story is BRILLIANT.

This drawing isn't chapter specific. Just fanfic specific. But when you go to the trouble of drawing butterflies on Kagome's obi, and then realize you can't even SEE them its a good sign that its time to post the art and stop fussing with it. I took a bit of artistic liberty with the way Modern Sess' mokomoko attaches - without armor it looks silly to have this massive ball of fur hovering behind him (well, sillier than two fluffy shoulder boas anyway). And in the 3rd movie the Inutaisho's mokomoko definitely goes over his shoulders. OR SOMETHING.

I don't own Unspoiled, or Inuyasha. Um.... that's all.

*EDIT* Nominated in the current round at the Feudal Association [link] !!! Thanks y'all, I LOVE YOU!!!
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god, this is wonderfully beautiful.
I just can't stop coming back to it.
Just stunning!