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The Doctor's Wife

Three things happen every time I watch ‘The Doctor’s Wife’:

1. I think it impossible to love it any more than on previous viewings, and then I disprove myself
2. I end up sobbing like a baby
3. An explosion of Neil Gaiman love

I started this in March (yikes) and it was incredibly frustrating so I’m trying to focus on the positives e.g. hey, that’s the first older-looking person I’ve ever tried to draw, way to push your boundaries Jane! *pats self on back*, and not on my paranoid art anxieties. I'm still really in love with the concept.

(working title: ‘Get in LOSER we’re going time traveling’)
tumblr'd: [link]
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That is stunning and beautiful. one of my favorite episodes of doctor who and now my favourite picture EVER!
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I loved that episode, and I love this image.
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Love the expression on 1's face. 
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It's rare for me to find Doctor Who fanart that I absolutely LOVE, but this is one of them!
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I love it!
The TARDIS and her Timelord, or if you prefer...
The Doctor and his TARDIS. either way I still love it.
keep up the good work!

I love your working title as you called it. XD
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That's amazing made!
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I absolutely love how you used the first Doctor for this! 
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I hope you don't mind, but a podcast I listen to, Who Back When, is about to do a retrospective on William Hartnell. Since this is easily the best DW art in general I've seen and also features the First Doctor, I sent it to them so they can see it, too, maybe put it up on their page for the podcast.
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Love the colours!
1st Doctor: "You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life."
Susan: "Who're you talking to, Grandfather?"
1st Doctor: "Ehh, no one, dear! No one!"
Love and want this
Beautifully well done.
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This is beautiful. ^-^ I love how her hair and dress start to look like Vincent van Gogh's painting u know. :D ...yeah it may be just me! xD
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It's definitely not just you, i did it on purpose and it makes me sooooo happy that people notice it
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I see! : D Glad u're happy. :D
Love his "Eh? What?" expression here. 

The early seasons make alot more sense when you imagine the TARDIS basically just ignoring the Doctor's imput and going by her checklist of places to see XD
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oh my god this is adorable.
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Very, very well done! Bravo!
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As Douglas Adams was a perfect fit for the time of the 70s and 80s when Baker was the Doctor, so is Neil Gaiman for THIS period of the Doctor - and art bridges the gap in time and space between now and the Doctor's origins to capture such a beautiful and intriguing concept.  This is a wonderful interpretation of the the beginning and the present; not quite as dark as Gaiman but moving and not quite as frivolous as Adams but whimsical.  And with a touch of Gaugin.  Just wonderfully done! Bravo.
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Oh dear... Poor Doctor number one. Lovely work, by the way. The expressions are really well done on both the Tardis/Idris and the Doctor's faces. Number one's one of my favorites of his incarnations because without him, I believe there would be no Doctor Who what so ever. (Plus, with that one story of him on Netflix, I kind of found him endearing.)
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he is sort of endearing in a grumpy old man sort of way, isn't he?
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Ahhhhhh, this is STUNNING! Never before have I seen Idris drawn so well! I like the streaking lines...
It's funny seeing the Doctor looking like the bewildered companion for once. And the fact that it's the 1st Doctor makes it even funnier :p
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