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I'll admit it, I drew it just cause I wanted to do dark hair. Lots and lots of dark hair. Super fantastic dark hair.

Scheherezade from The Book of 1001 Nights. She's really a pretty awesome character, the basic premise is that there's this King who takes a new virgin bride every night and then the next day sends her to be executed because he had discovered his first wife had betrayed him. Knowing this Scheherezade tells the king fantastic stories every night, and always leaves him wanting more (therefore he has to keep her alive). After 1001 nights he has learned forgiveness (or whatever) and Scheherezade becomes his Queen. It's where the stories of Aladdin, Sindbad, and Ali Babba and the 40 thieves come from.

This was a lot of fun even though her hand turned out all wonky. And after all that pen work my hand is pretty wonky too. I liked the idea of having bits of her stories in the hookah smoke, but I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out. eh... oh well.
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Jun 14, 2007, 1:39:36 PM
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wow. i mean... wow. you just perfectly captured one of my favourite literary characters in one of the most beautiful mediums (in my opinion, pen and ink=FTW).
thank you, just... yeah, thank you :)
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Scheherezade is a smart girl :} always liked her , but never imagined her to be like this! she looks so seductive and cunning :3 i love it! :D
janey-jane's avatar
I like those female characters in folklore and fairytales that are actually clever and figure out ways to save their own skins...
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i agree, at least they have some character and personality, unlike much of Disney's princesses 8/

funny thing with those women in pig skins is that they could shoot magic from their mouths XDD pew-pew , a gold bridge appears 8D
janey-jane's avatar
Man, I have to read this story!
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ahahahah xDD you reminded me how much I wanted to re-read it but i can't even remember it's title T_T

ps: i'm so sorry for talking this much D=

you can leave this message un-replied , no problem xD
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Dude! There's no such THING as wonky - I'm looking at that SMOKE! I see... a girl... and a wolf... and a lamp... and a Baghdad skyline with minarets and such... and some coins....

That is... indescribably awesome. I feel like if I stare at her hair long enough I'll start finding shapes, too. Wow.
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OMG...I think you're the only person who has mentioned the stuff in the smoke! I was so excited about it when I drew it too!!!
haius's avatar
how can that be? it blew me away! did they seriously not notice? Feh, oughta get their eyes checked.
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Thats one hell of a memorable image. There is decidedly the right feel in it all. great stuff.
janey-jane's avatar
thanks very much, it was fun! (And greetings fellow Austinite!)
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Hey, no prob. In fact I had meant to fav that image but didn't. (possibly Cause I'm an imbecille, or cause I was probably exhausted. will do after posting this.) I also didn't see till just now "washer at.." Great inkwork on both and usage of negative space. (plus i like ghosts and fables, so that works out nicely.) all in all, cool portfolio you have there. you should be proud.
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I love your choice of words in the description..."wonky"..hehe :D
This drawing is amazing. The details are beautiful. You are forgiven for the hand....I have a tendency to draw them a bit too small myself.
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i've always loved those stories.. and this is such a great picture.
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I love this! I'm a big fan of the 1001 nights, and the inkwork is really engaging. Scheherezade is a great character, I wish more people took inspiration from the stories in their art.
janey-jane's avatar
I love Scheherezade... I just love clever women in myth and folklore. They make me really happy. I also wish more people took inspiration from classic literature and story lore. I guess Harry Potter appears to be our modern DA eqivalent of mythology and the bible in renaissance art. I'm not sure whether to be terrified or amused by that.
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Sorry I've been so slow on getting to all the great work you've been doing this summer! I love how you did all the masses of black hair, and the jewelry is pretty fab too. The hand looms so large in the piece, though, that it's kind of distracting... but you knew that, I'm sure. Anyway, keep up all the awesome art! :thumbsup:
janey-jane's avatar
yeah ... that hand **rolls eyes at self** I knew as soon as I'd done it I'd made a mistake. But I like the rest of it a lot. My main problem is related to impatience, I start on a piece and want to move forward so much that I ignore mistakes that I know will bug me later on. It's something that I'm working on, that ability to put something aside and come back to it later when I'm having problems getting something right. :D
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Well, we all goof up sooner or later. I'd love to see you tackle the subject of Scheherazade again, perhaps in color next time. I can see why you like this piece so much- S.'s expression is both sultry and pensive, and the smoke curling up into forms of women and minarets is pretty cool!
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lol - okay, so I'm a total dork. The second I saw 'Scheherezade', I was like, "What? Allen??" ^^;
janey-jane's avatar
lol... you anime dork you...I had to google that because I was like , what?
Adoradora's avatar
Beautifully done. Those are some luscious locks there.
janey-jane's avatar I'm itching to do Lady Godiva...
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Very nice artwork...great drawing!
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