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Pride + Prejudice cover sketch

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Published: July 2, 2011
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I once wrote a term paper on the role of correspondence in Pride & Prejudice (i.e. how inappropriate it was for an unrelated, unmarried man and woman to exchange a letter - in explaining himself Darcy did something potentially scandalous and therefore out of character; the role of the sending and receiving of letters to advance the plot, etc.)

Ever since I've wanted to do something like this with the exchange of a letter as a centerpiece to the composition. If I ever do a final version of this the layout and balance needs to be corrected. And for some reason Lizzy came out looking very anime to me. And I'd like to include some sort of background.


Kinda amazing I haven't posted more P&P art considering how massively smitten I am (and have been for the last, oh, decade or so...)

(c) Jane Austen
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RejectedBoredomHobbyist Photographer
Very well done. I love the colors!
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Arlene0401Hobbyist Writer
The famous letter *tears* *sniffle*
janey-jane's avatar
janey-janeProfessional General Artist
right?!?!? why is there not more P&P art with.. THE LETTER?!?!
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starryeyed-nzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing! I love the use of the letter to link to two sections. Fabulous work.
janey-jane's avatar
janey-janeProfessional General Artist
awww thanks! I really should do another/updated version of this. I still like the concept and i think it could use some exploration.
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DesignedByLauraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it. Just love it.
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is so beautiful! perfect! I am a dummy! 
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Because it was so inappropriate (which I didn't know, btw) I think that's why he asked her to destroy the letter after reading it (or was it just in the movie???). Love the picture <3
Blueflame98's avatar
Beautiful! And I love your point about the letter. Shows just how desperate Darcy was...
CrochetHyperbole's avatar
I love this! It reminds me of playing cards... (which, by the way, I would totally buy a set of playing cards if they looked like this...)
janey-jane's avatar
janey-janeProfessional General Artist
HOMG.... a deck of Jane Austen Playing cards I LOVE IT. *makes mental note*
CrochetHyperbole's avatar
Let me know if it ever becomes a thing, because I would love it! :D
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tmwillson3Hobbyist General Artist
Jane Austen FTW!!!!!!! :D

This makes me so, so happy!!! :D Thank you for doing this!!! :D
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2ndtoOneHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! I like the style you employed, whether or not you meant it to look anime, I think it works for this piece.
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i am in love with this...i have been wanting a pride and prejudice tattoo..and actually love how this would look on my arm. lol would you mind if i did use this ? you are so talented. but if you do some changes i'd love to wait and see what else you come up with!!
janey-jane's avatar
janey-janeProfessional General Artist
are you kidding?! that would be awesome!!! the changes I was thinking of making were mostly adding a background, but if you want to adapt it into a tattoo it's probably better without! If you do so please send me a picture! I would LOVE to see it!!!
pixiehex164's avatar
i certainly would send you a picture. im in love with these two characters. but let me know if you draw them up in again!! i love your work!! thankyou for allowing me to use it aswell! youre awesome.
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janey-janeProfessional General Artist
I will indeed let you know if I do more of them. I really should, I don't know why i haven't...
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MitsukisukiHobbyist General Artist
Pride + Prejudice fanart I've ever seen! Well done, really! :clap::heart:
janey-jane's avatar
janey-janeProfessional General Artist
thank you kindly!
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i love this work, it's very nice
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AlicesWonderHobbyist General Artist
This is the soul of pride and prejudice. I love this piece and your gallery is exceptional. You are very talented, and I wish you much success with your art :)
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very nice, and I really like the way you put into perspective the importance of the letter :)
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Dynomite-ProductionsStudent Traditional Artist
Amazing. Great job, really on everything! THe detail, artistry, and of course how you tell a story with the drawing!
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