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Eleven and TARDIS costumes

By janey-jane
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After a mad descent into Doctor Who obsession (and randomly finding a super-cool fez at the renaissance festival) I strong-armed my BFF into cosplaying with me at a convention in November. I knew she would make an adorable Eleven and I had ideas for a TARDIS dress.

I figured that an anthropomorphic interpretation of a police box should look kinda like a uniform. Eventually I want to rig the bobby hat so that there's a light that will flash where the medallion is (i turned both costumes out in about two weeks though, so I couldn't get around to everything I wanted to). Unfortunately its hard to see a lot of the detail that i'm really pleased with (it says "police" and "box" on the epaulets, the 'windows' are this shiny textured stuff, the dress is literally constructed in panels like the actual TARDIS... etc. etc....).

I do wish we'd got a shot without her jacket buttoned so that you can see her cool maroon suspenders/braces. Oh well.
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Wow you look like my friend Krystal and Liz both have been best friends for years
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This is one of the best, most original TARDIS costumes EVER!
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I didn't want to like this, I really didn't; but it's just so perfect and so darn cute that I couldn't help myself. Thank you!
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do you have the pattern for the TARDIS dress? I would like to make this and it looks wonderfully beautiful!
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hi! sorry for the delay, i drafted this pattern like... oh lord, 5 years? ago now and unfortunately i have NO idea what happened to it. You could try finding a pattern for a bodycon dress and altering that, i might have started from scratch, but in effect that's what i did! Sorry i can't be of more help :(
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OMG - I think I love you!!!
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Love the TARDIS being a real POLICE call box, that's an amazing interpretation!
Jacket and shirt of 11th are such asdfghjk, I just can't express my thoughts)
You did a great job!
Those outfits are bloody fantastic!
I'm not even a Doctor Who fan, and I still love this.  Well done! And ubercute too.
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Thank you!!! I firmly believe that great fanart should be appreciable by non-fans, so that means a lot!
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You guys look great and the panelling on the TARDIS dress is some impressive attention to detail! :D
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That is absolutely wonderful!! :D So adorable and quite clever!! :deviation:
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The TARDIS dress is amazing! Yours is my favorite interpretation of it in dress form I've seen so far!
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awww.... thank you so much!
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You're very welcome! :D
Hi, just a quick post to tell you how beautiful the dress is and to make a request if I may. We have been selected as one of 50 couples to take part in a mass Dr Who wedding in London this November. I would love to have something special for my future bride to wear and of course it has to be Dr Who themed. Do you still have this dress and would you loan it for a one day out of this world wedding? I am going as the Tenth Dr with my son and best man going as Matt Smith Dr (11th) and Tom Baker Dr (4th). Can you help in someway ?
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Oh dear, this request got completely buried - I'm so sorry!
Congratulations on your wedding! and on being selected for such an awesome event, I do still have this dress, but it's been put through it's paces, altered, re-altered, washed when it should have been dry cleaned, etc. and I'm afraid it is looking a bit shabby. I was also planning to give it one last spin before retirement - my birthday is only 2 days before the 50th anniversary there's a local con that weekend and it seemed the perfect occasion to celebrate both together (I suspect the Austin ComicCon will have a respectable Whovian turnout in honor of the occasion!).

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help! best of luck finding something. and if you post pictures drop me a line, i'd love to see them!
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I love the police hat on the tardis. It so works. The fit on the costumes is awesome. Really great work.
Loved your very sexy cosplay outfit of the Tardis, very detailed outfit and it fits you like a glove and the makeup is perfect. You're the
best & sexiest cosplay of the Tardis. I am also pleased that you showed off your long lovely legs by wearing your shinny black pantyhose with your black stiletto high heel shoes, personally a shorter skirt looks better on you than a long skirt. Please accept my feedback as merely encouragement only. Please feel free to make more lovely and cosplay with you showing off both your long sexy legs hosiery, I hope to see more in the future. Keep up the good work!
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That is great! She looks like a police (box) officer!
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I'm not even a Whovian, and I LOVE this take on the TARDIS.
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