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Bias cut wedding gown

By janey-jane
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I know I've mentioned before how bad I am about uploading my textiles projects. This was done ....ummm... in 2007 (that sounds right at least) for my thesis project. Michael Knight from the 2nd season of Project Runway chose it as one of his 4 faves from this fashion show and told me I should try out for PR. I geeked out a little.

Anyway, design inspired by 1930's evening gowns. Ivory and gold silk charmeuse with cascades of freshwater pearls from the shoulders.

see the concept sketch! -->
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Oh. My. Word. This is just gorgeous. I love it. This much (-----------------------------------------------------------------) except more. :)
Totally random question (I'm in love with this dress btw). Do you happen to remember what kind of silk charmeuse you used here, more specifically what weight it was? I'm trying to decide if I need something heavier than a 19mm silk charmeuse for a dress I'm wanting to make. I know there is a 30 mm in silk charmeuse but trying to find the right red shade in a 30 mm is pretty difficult. The hang, flow and drape of the fabric you used is just perfect.
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ooof... it's been so long that I don't remember what I purchased. I'm about 90% sure that its 19mm however. something to note though is that the dress fully lined with that gold charmeuse - so it's two layers of silk
Well it's breathtaking! This dress has made me fall in love with bias cut gowns. Thank you for trying to remember.  You don't happen to also remember the name of the store you'd bought your charmeuse from do you?  I'm having the hardest time finding good quality online (I've ordered countless swatches).  
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I bought it from a fabric store in Houston Texas - high fashion fabrics. It isn't a chain so if you're not in the area you could check out their website: - I've never ordered off of it, but you might be able to find something there. Good fabric stores are a nightmare to find for me, i have to drive 3-4 hours to get to one, so I feel your pain with the online ordering difficulties!
Good luck!
please just tell me from where i can buy this fabric as it is used for u i mean what is the actual name of this fabric and from where i can purchase even i am in pakistan.
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Hi! I actually bought this fabric at a store in Houston, Texas 6 or 7 years ago... but you can probably find something quite like it online somewhere. The fabric is silk and the weave is called "Charmeuse". This dress is made with an off-white and an antique gold color. Good luck!
just tell me from where i can buy this slippery fabric as it is used in ur dress??????????????
Once in a while I look at this dress and each time it is still breathtaking. It absolutely looks like a haute-couture creation - not only because of the elegant design (I especially like the colour choice) but the craftsmanship that obviously went into it.
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It's really lovely to hear that anyone actually revisits any of my work. I'm so pleased that you still like it!
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Oh gods, if you ever make your way onto Project Runway, know that I would be backing you 100%! This is a beautiful piece and I'm glad to know you got the recognition you deserved for it. :)
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Wow - this is perfection, love the colours, love the details - gorgeous!
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I so love the back!!! :love: I want to get married so I can wear something like this :O
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Hi there, this is such a gorgeous piece. I am getting married in a few months and still haven't found my wedding dress yet - would you by any chance sell this gown? please kindly let me know. :)
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I have to warn you that unfortunately its way outside the price range of your average wedding gown. Just to reimburse myself for the cost of the fabric and pearls and all the other materials I had to buy for it would be around $5,000, then if I pay myself for the hundreds of hours spent drafting the design, creating a pattern, sewing the gown (a lot of it had to be hand-sewn) and stinging the pearls, plus that it won 3 or 4 design awards in and around Austin, I really wouldn't feel comfortable selling it for less than around $15K.

Maybe if you send the picture to dress shops they can find something similar, I know there are designers who do a lot of bias cut designs. Good luck!
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Amazing work!! just fabulous! where did you do your masters at?
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I was actually in an honors program that required that we complete an undergraduate thesis for graduation. Haven't done my masters (yet :D )
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Excellent design, obviously, but I am also EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of the sewing. None of the seams I see in that picture have the least bit of rippling! I know how hard it is to get that working with slippery fabrics in bias cuts! There's not even a hint of awkwardness in the transitions from draped to fitted areas either, which I've sometimes seen in the non-couture dresses from the 30s. Everything looks very, very professional - not at all home-sewn or student-level.
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*blushes* thank you so much! Its really nice to receive compliments on the construction since that's something most people don't notice.
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okay just re-read the artists comment and feel a bit silly now that I see it's actually 30's inspired. whoops; is it the early 30's? because it still really reminds me of the art deco and flapper periods
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really I should say that its Madeline Vionnet inspired, and I think her designs transcend eras. Add in the Asian influence that was biggest in the 20s and I think its reasonable to see 20s in it :D
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oh i see! well that would explain it then lol. still an absolutely stunning dress. you should take mr. knight up on his suggestion to do project runway, seeing clothes like this on that show would be fantastic :D
TheLazyArtisan's avatar
this is incredible!! I've always had a bit of an obsession with the flapper and art deco periods and this dress just embodies everything I love about vintage fashion, when clothes were made to be beautiful not just "fashionable" (what does that word even mean?! it changes so often...)
beautiful, really hope to see you do more of this :)
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That is so beautiful and delicate. I love it :)
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