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RIP Chester Bennington

It breaks my heart..  Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park has passed away.
I grew up with their music..its what got me into rock music. I cried so much last night tbh.

So like he said

"When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed"

That is what I'm doing with this piece i guess.

I hope you find peace, legend.  YOU WILL BE MISSED! <3
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Yeah when I heard I was sad, then shortly after the lead singer for Audio Slave hung himself too. 😔 so sad.
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I'm devastated by his death as well. He had a family, a career, and a whole lot of fans. He had a life that was so much more then normal, and he took it all away. I really hope he's making more music up in heaven. R.I.P Chester. You are more missed then ever. Heart 
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I still feel distraught from his passing. I've been listening to his songs since I was 15 and now it feels as though the world is a little less brighter without him . :'(
I found your art of Chester online. We are creating a fan-art book to gift Chesters family and would like to include your art in the book. Please send us the image if you would like to contribute your image to this.
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It feel just so ackward for me to know that he passed away and still hear his voice when listening to his songs. All the lyrics just make more sense now.

Im really sad for him, his friends and family, it must be horrible.
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Cool artwork.
He will be missed greatly and his music will never stop playing for his fans.
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I love this! An amazing tribute for an amazing singer..,. :(
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Wow beautiful work. So sad that he died.
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thank you and yeah it is really sad :<
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