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5/15/18: I need to take school seriously, so I might return after I finish my classes (Probably not, my desire to stay on DA is pathetically weak.) I've played with the thought of making a my own indie website connected to Facebook, where friends can share artwork, talk on forums, play games together, blog their crap, review things, and I'll host live streams for movies/contests and such. The website would have a Discord group dedicated to it also, so voice chat will be available to those who wish to have it.

All that will be after my school, if I even go through with it.

PS: Don't take my friggin adoptables I still want them.

I've realized I've come to outgrow this website by the time my 20th birthday passed. I've been on here for six years, that's a LONG time. While I've made a lot of friends on here, this doesn't have the same spark it once did. I'm starting school also, and I won't have time to fool around on here. A lot of my friends have left too, and I'm just really bored. I'm just not enjoying DeviantArt as much as I did before, posting art has become a chore, and if anything I groan when I get on here. (Thought changing my name would add some fun, but it was a temporary fix.) I'm going to start fresh on another website, DeviantArt just got SUUUPER boring for me. I've questioned this since last year, hell even recently I think, and its been a very hard decision to make. You can contact me via Discord if you like, but hurry because I'm saving my gallery as I type this.

If you want my Discord, ask me for it, and I'll give it to you. I'm legit excited to leave this website, didn't realize how much I wanted to leave, damn.



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A-La-Moe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! Your art is great! :D
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King-Guerreira Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018   Artist
Thank you for the fav~!
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CassyHattori36 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: on Princess Daisy! Miki Emoticon - Smile 1 (Resize) 
Princess Daisy by Cassyhattori63  
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