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Jannice M
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Puerto Rico
Deviantart ID was created by Pinkmermaid1

Names Jannice, im 19. I study in uni to get bachelor of Fine Arts. my whole focus will be going into animation/storyboard/concept art-side illustrations. I am directing my interest to make indie or stylized games or animated writings.

I am currently trying to work with my humble dream goal to create Zoamasphia's story origins into a comic and further illustrate this world I came up with. I may not be active for alot though my doodles or studies will be uploaded here.

Discord ID: JaneSonia#2266
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In the immense world of Zoamasphia, its continents perceive different systems to handle their societies, some mannerful though some corrupted. Its traditions and cultures are well preserved but the Covenant pushes to remove entirely. With this threat, Colossians have tried to stop it but failed. Until one fateful day, the protest of an empiring voice arises. What makes it succeed? Join Jane’s adventure to travel and find true reasoning for the cause of their world, exploring the different landscapes and cultures that are to be carried on.

Hoping for traditions to live on for centuries.
What can happen?

Came up with this now, had been thinking over it for a while :v Im trying to focus entirely to work with the pages and its chapters.

after a hundred fixing mistakes later


when ur friends say u have a bird problem and u just laugh and cry at the same time because u do
If i needed to explain how Jane's protest affected the society of Zoamasphia... if i would have to say the size of how many supported it or who participated in it, would take Earth's literal population of 7 billion species.

and Zoamasphia is similar to Saturn's size... so 10 times 7 billion? BOY.
holy crap, i just learned today CPI is literally shutting down. YO... IDK IF IM CRYING OF LAUGHTER OR SADNESS???....
that is sad though.... damn.
seriously look at these suckers 

holy crap :V 


''Hanson examined elephant bird bones found around the world, feeding their dimensions into a machine-learned algorithm to create a spread of expected animal sizes.''

''Hanson said his research proved titan was indeed a different species. But he also found that its bones were so distinct from other elephant bird specimens that titan was in fact an entirely separate genus.''

''Named Vorombe titan -- Malagasy for "big bird" -- the creature would have stood at least three metres (10 feet) tall, and had an average weight of 650 kilograms, making it the largest bird genus yet uncovered.''

MY TITAN BIRDS  ARE REAL :V ???????? (im kidding but i am taken away of this discovery and lowkey making me want to study this kind of stuff :v dang birds) heck i can suggest them a new word if they discover an even bigger bird, Abvigans it is.


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