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June 21, 2011
Suggester's words: How to Draw Cloth - The Basics by ~JaneMere is very thorough and has great tips that are sure to help any artist!
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How to Draw Cloth - The Basics

Wow thanks for the DD! Thank you all!
The next cloth tutorial will come out in one or two weeks.

Here is the first tutorial of Cloth Painting, some basic ideas and important aspects while painting fabrics.
I've also recorded the procedure drawing the white cloth, see the video here:

Welcome to comment and ask questions if something is not explained clearly. But please be sure that your question is not covered in the upcoming tutorials.

The upcoming tutorials will be:

T2: Various types of cloth,
including: wool/cotton, silk/satin, translucent cloth; the thickness and weight.

T3: How to use references, (since it's very important, I think it deserves a separate tutorial)
some detailed information about what kind of references to use, and how to observe them. An example of using tissue paper as a reference.

T4: Various kinds of clothes
tight: e.g. swimsuit
loose: shirt, frills
common shapes of the folds/creases around the body

●About copyrights of the photos used in this tutorial:
page 5: The Marilyn Monroe photo is in the public domain.
page 7: Elie Saab, Spring/Fall 2007 Ready to Wear, Fall 2007 Couture. source: [link]
homepage: [link]
page 8: from Corbis, gettyimages, and:
[link] ([link])

All the copyrighted photos are the properties of the original authors. I'm citing these works only to explain the flow of cloth. No copy in any painting, or other commercial usage should be permitted without the permission from the original authors.

This tutorial is non-commercial, and the usage of photos are following the principles of fair use.
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Cheers, that was really helpful

VilmaMonster's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial. It helped me much.
Kaede-san29's avatar
may i print this? only for using the tutorial
Thank you so much for this
Please do translate your old tutorial about translucent clothing please! Would love to learn from it…
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thanks i love this !
Puppetinfaith's avatar
Thank you so much!!!!

MadPsyChill's avatar
very suefull thanks
Lina01's avatar
Thank you so much, this is very interesting :)
zipskyblue's avatar
i want to die, just looking at this thing,
thank you for the awesome tutorial!
XxSceneyBabayxX's avatar
Very helpful, thanks so much for this!
MayhemTite's avatar
As a student, this post is helpful to BDTite.
master-splinter's avatar
One of the best cloth tutorials I've come across. Thanks so much!
Mizuki-FireFly's avatar
this is sooo awesome! You are so awesome!
kaecherie's avatar
Very helpful, your tips are straight on-point and interesting to read :) 
During your explanation of the forces, it was very simple to read and not too confusing. 
Great tutorial! A++
Hiaennyddei's avatar
Incredible tutorial ! thank you !
OurHands's avatar
:O Just...amazing.
magelite007's avatar
Thank you very much! 
carbonandotherstuff's avatar
Whoaa!! I found this on pixiv but I couldn't read it because it wasn't my language. I'm so glad found this ><
TheKawaiiStar21's avatar
Thanks a lot for this; it's really helpful :)
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Thank you for this, this is amazing!
Windia-NataHime's avatar
thank you so much!! 
This is so helpful!! :D
MangaErudite's avatar
Thank you so much for the clothing folds tutorials. Now, drawing clothing in dramatic ways will become much easier!
Karonto's avatar
Thanks alot for the info.. great work!
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