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Drawing violins - things you need to notice

By JaneMere
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A summary of important points for drawing a violin player. 
Hope it helps. 

* It's better to seek reference from video clips of those famous violinists, rather than from TV/movies, since the actors/actresses are not necessarily good at playing violins (some are pretty bad at it). 

FYI: I just came across a video describing 3 main bow-holding ways. 
Different Types of Bow Holds…
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Technically accurate. I'm a violinist and this is how I would describe it
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Ohhh my gosh thank you you're Amazing! 
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As a violinist, I can get behind this post
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Thanks for the tutorial, it helped me try some new things while learning in the process! It helped me draw this: Vampire OC Pose 2 
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thanks for sharing 
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Thank you for the tutorial :D (Big Grin) 
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Just wat I need..

The struggles..
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The big problem is when artists use references of photography of people who doesn't know how to play a violin, and they are wrong, only for show something "beautiful" xD  They may use a real violinist of a video (who shows the correct way).
I play the viola, and I'm so thankful to you for intend to help and correct this usual mistake in art :)

P.D. This gif, for example, is so bad hahaha Violinist Fella (Music Band) 

Sebastian Michaelis (Playing Violin) [V1] This is good :D
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Thank you for making this. It drives me nuts when someone draws someone playing the violin and they're bowing on the finger board or something similar to that. Now I can improve on drawing violin hand positions as well :aww:
- Star
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As a violinist who pulls his hair out every time he sees someone post a piece with a violin in it and something, more usually all of it, is wrong I thank you. This instructional is a gift and I hope everyone in the world sees it!
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As a violinist, I really appreciate this!  
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I've been playing the violin for 44 years now and this is a very good primer. If drawing the violin itself you should study real violins/violas for the subtleties. The violin is supported by the head and you can take both hands off the instrument and it stays exactly in the same place. The other thing to note is that when playing on the E string (high notes, inside towards persons body) the violinists left elbow moves out away from the body and on the G string (lowest notes, outside away from body) the left hand elbow moves further into/across the body.
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I've been playing the violin for 11 years: most things seem to be pretty accurate!
You'd need to see a real instrument or some good pictures for this: The proportions of the instrument, the overall shape of the instrument...The subtle curvature of the body. there's also the lip on the edges of the instrument which should be considered. Of course, this just requires simple knowledge as to how the instrument is constructed.
Posture is pretty good. Though when a good player shifts into a higher position, the elbow moves outwards towards the front, hand over the side of the body, hugging the instrument. 
I hope this helps you or anyone else who happens to see this post!
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Very informative! I used to draw a violine a few weeks ago, but there I used a reference pic with David Garret on it, so I think i did the crucial points right :)
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Accurate and beautiful... reminds me of my childhood days when I was still playing it. I wonder, maybe I'll start again at some point.
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Thank you!!!This is so helpful! :D:D:D You really have knowledge about this :love:
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Thank you very much :D
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Thank you so much!!! 
Do you take requests?
In case you do - please make tutorial about bass players (electric). :D
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Thank you so much! This tutorial is really helpful! ^-^
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Been playing violin for 8 years and this is a pretty accurate tutorial! The first picture however, I think the bow might be a bit too long? Amazing and helpful tutorial though!
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Thank you so much, this is a very helpful tutorial!!~ :D

A question though, I noticed on your pixiv that you have some other really cool looking tutorials that aren't in english. Do you have plans to translate them as well sometime in the future? Thanks again!
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It's kinda funny seeing how I literally am just starting to learn how to play violin. All of this is pretty much correct. (My teacher says I have excellent posture so far.)
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As a former violinist myself, I'm really glad that you made this XD I see so many people depicting violin playing wrong and ughhh!!

Thank you so much! :hug:
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