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Yithxul-Tradohg by Jane2Audron Yithxul-Tradohg by Jane2Audron
DON'T ASK if you can make your own Yithxul, I haven't made the finished refsheet yet. Maybe then I will consider it.
Was waiting for seats to open at a restaurant when I was with fam and friends so I did this, one of my Yithxul's, Tradohg, in Sketchbook Mobile.

Tradohg is one of the extraordinarily known Yithxul's for helping create and maintain with a trading ring for three different galaxies. Known to get just about anything you ask for in the shortest amount of time.

Description copied from my tumblr post with concept of Yithxul's. :T [link]
Some almost finished concepts of my Yithxul species, sister species of the Xithzul. Yithxul look like mummies due to the specially treated wrappings they use to cover their bodies, due to the radiation they release. The wrappings can act like extensions of their body and can stretch them great lengths. Headdresses and masks can sometimes tell you from what tribe they came from/hierarchy/and how good they are at being traders. Their skin is not black itís a shielding the special solution soaked bandages make, their eye color usually tells you want their skin tone is(Without that shield(and whole body to be exact) looking at one or being around one would be like standing on the sun). And they may up to two to four eyes.

*Not all the information on them.

They like to trade a lot!, well most of them do and some of them have really weird trading habits. At least they are not Kleptomaniacs!

Xithzul, Yithxul, and Tradohg © Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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October 28, 2011
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