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Xithzul Triplets by Jane2Audron Xithzul Triplets by Jane2Audron
More Xithzuls, but this time in human form and they are triplets. From left to right:Se'iance(second oldest, least mature), Caarson(youngest), Llarrs(Oldest of the trio, and most mature) :la:

They are also the annoying nephews of Llussive Man. Like their father and uncle Llussive in their human and 'other' forms the main things that shows is in their eyes, but they don't have the veins beneath the eyes but they have the sleepy look. Se'ieance sports the black sclera with pure white iris and pupil like his father and uncle. Caarson has the reverse of his brother, Se'ieance's eyes, due to his mother. And last but not least, Llarrs sports both. The three work best as a trio rather than individuals, especially since Se'ieance can have a bad temper when working and Llarrs and Caarson are the only two who can keep him truly in check.

All have earrings on both ears-
Se'ieance- Left ear top and right ear top.
Caarson- Right ear bottom and left ear bottom
Llarrs- Two left ear top and two left ear bottom.

And I'm trying out a new coloring style.

Se'ieance, Caarson, Llarrs, Llussive Man, Xithzul species, and art Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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January 31, 2012
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