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Xithzul-Sariif by Jane2Audron Xithzul-Sariif by Jane2Audron
" Is this truly necessary, Llussive, my friend? Every single time I tag along with you to Erim I HAVE to do the 'cleansing' fire. I thought you said they LIKED ME?"

Another one of my Xithzul's this time one of the head's of the Xithzul council, Sariif. Pronounced like saw(stress the 'a')-reef.

Finally finished this piece once I found it again. Had fun making this and really love his little floating feather things. :la: And livestreamed some of the finishing up and will add them to the on demand later, had some audio issues.

Note the quote above, Sariif is not to happy to the 'cleansing' fire every single time he tags along with Llussive Man(Another head of the Xithzul council who's basically the 'jack of all trades') to Erim, a bit of a swamp planet. The natives, a bit technologically advanced but still primitive to a point, are known for the medicine they derive from the plants on their planet and use the Xithzul's and any other trusted traders the Xithzul's use to spread the medicine they make.

Now back to Sariif. One of the heads of the Xithzul council, his job is to make sure everyone is following the codes of the Xithzul and to help Fortune, a female Xithzul, keep track of the planets that they and others have made contact with. Occasionally he'll play the role of a trader and an ambassador, but he's not to picky.

That's all for now and I need to draw his 'human' look.

Xithzul, Llusive Man, Sariif, and Fortune Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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December 24, 2011
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