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Xithzul-Bra'kae'r by Jane2Audron Xithzul-Bra'kae'r by Jane2Audron
One of my Xithzul, Bra'kae'r, his odd helmet and all.

Directly copied from my tumblr, cause I'm to lazy to rewrite it. :V

Bra'kae'r, a Xithzul known for his nonchalant attitude even in the worst of situations. Not the one for cursing or getting into fights he tries to avoid such situations. He is quite the nice guy, good manners, and will not lift a fingered against someone even if they are attacking, but if his dear friends are being attacked then he will fight with no mercy. For some odd reason he loves high-collared suits and is always looking for ways to buy/collect/ or trade for them, but he does try not to get himself involved in things against the Xithzul code. Has a thing for Trance, but she really doesn't find any 'qualities' they have in common.

Xithzul species arenít robots if you ask, just high energy beings wearing special suits to block the radiation they can emit.

Xithzulís are basically like an oracle,also what they are called sometimes, trader, and informant species(their sister species,Yithxul are more trader-oriented.) All of them wear suits of some kind, business suits that is, and can change into any form/being to suit their surroundings and most prefer their human form. Also there are females, but I need to work on their head types. And they can also can see into time, but not travel through time.

Xithzul,Yithxul, and Bra'kae'r ©Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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October 28, 2011
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