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Xeno Explorer - Update 3/15/2017 by Jane2Audron Xeno Explorer - Update 3/15/2017 by Jane2Audron
UPDATE: 3/15/2017
Updated this old piece to be more finished.
Cleaned up things, made her armor/suit cleaner, and gave her a more ornate helmet.

More stuff from my tumblr! Cross-post below.
Painted over other some old doodle head I remember doing in SAI a few years ago. I think I was messing with some texture brushes or something.

Anyway added a body and changed a lot of things of this alien chick. I say this is still rough and I may come back and refine it. I’ve noticed some areas that don’t look clear or read well. I was having fun with a new flat brush in Photoshop.

Short story behind this alien lady is she’s on a type of exploration pilgrimage, kind of a coming of age thing, that part of her home planet participates in with other aliens to ease relations due to something that part of her species caused in the past. She gets paired with a human and is less than thrilled(a bit of xenophobia and feeling of superiority from her). As their little exploration journey comes around she slowly starts to like them and they become good friends.

Artwork and character © JaneAudron/Jane2Audron
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September 2, 2016
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