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What's with your eyes? by Jane2Audron What's with your eyes? by Jane2Audron
EDIT: The redsilkandwhitetova.tumblr blog is private, not passing out the code just yet

"I'm about to shift."
- Claude

My character Claude Vasin Fraser from 'The Red Silk', comic I'm working on. Messed around in photohop to get the effect I wanted.

Just cross-posting with my tumblr.

Alright, finished image of a Teen!Claude shifting.

The one is what people who can see the ‘aura’ field of a ‘Shifter’/’Jumper’.

Claude first learned he had power round the age of 13, as he grew older his aging stopped around 15 - 16, it’s a common thing that happens to ‘Shifters’ differing from case to case of course. Eventual he ‘properly’ aged around his mid 20’s and eventually his early 30’s, but ends up shifting through those three ages at random. It is a drastic age difference for ‘Shifters’. Was oddly redish-pale when he was younger and when ever he is in his teen state.

When ‘shifting’ his natural deep grayish-blue eyes turn red, and he zones out as soon as he leaves his body, but some how he has learned to train his body to act on auto-pilot. The only problem is he’s completely unemotional while gone from his body.

Claude can ‘jump’ into other people’s bodies and animals, taking them over. In a way he leaves his body as a semi-empty shell, luckily no one can jump in when he’s gone. When he jumps into another person’s body he takes them over, in a way they black out until he leaves and won’t remember a thing, only problem is he can’t access their memories to help out whatever he was doing. Sadly his powers can’t work on machines, cyborgs are an exception, and species and people with strong mental fields.

As usually art, Claude, The Red Silk, and White To'va © Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
PikminGamer11 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
It makes me feel as if my world is crumbling around me. :iconeyepopplz:
Jane2Audron Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Really now? :iconshepardsmirkplz:
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Yes. :iconsiplz:
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