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Tron Assassins by Jane2Audron Tron Assassins by Jane2Audron
My Tron Assassins I've been wanting to remake from an old drawing I had when I saw the first Tron. I actually made a whole 'clan/unit/etc.' of them that I might draw later. xD

One on the left is with the odd helmet is NoX. He has a half derezzed face that rezzes in and out constantly, for some reason after his face was damage his helmet also change. He was once and is still a 'Data Runner'(What one of my Users nicknames his job since he's a messenger of some sorts.) Weapons of Choice: Identity Disc(s), baton(Turns into katana).

One on the right with part of his helmet down is Grath. Nobody knows what he did before he became an assassin, not even his best friend and partner NoX. Weapons of choice: Identity Disc, baton(turns it into a staff with blades at both ends), and something similar to throwing knives.

Their circuitry is white, because they are neutral, but they can change it anytime they want when they want to 'blend'. They work for who ever can supply them with energy,(maybe some other things), but they don't do their work blindly and will research who they are sent after to terminate. But when it comes to who they fight for, it's the Users hands down.

I have a story where they and they 'clan' are still active during Clu's ruling, so that's why some of there clothing is angular. Referenced from the Tron Legacy artbook and learned at lot more about Tron because of it. :)

I'll add more when I'm more awake.

Nox and Grath Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
Tron, programs, etc. Disney
Ryotakun Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
O: epic<3. I saw the orignel artwork online...some characters wore assassin like attire o-o
Jane2Audron Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you and that's awesome.
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