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Stay Alone. Stay Alive. by Jane2Audron Stay Alone. Stay Alive. by Jane2Audron
Cross posting with my tumblr.

“Stay Alone. Stay Alive... I wonder what Judith meant by that? Possible what ever killed this poor souls. Possible the heavy breathing and footsteps I’ve been hearing may be that answer to that. I don’t want to meet what ever it is, it sounds... unnatural. Strange... the Non-Dead in this area seem a bit, deader one could say. A mangled mess. I wonder why?”

*Heavy breathing sound much closer than before and heavy footsteps* *a slight glance reveals a massive shadow on the wall*

“Oh bugger...”

        - Matlock talking on her PDA or to the others as she’s about to have an unfortunate encounter.

Inked image be done.

Had fun with this minus the mistakes. Turn a few mistakes into blood splatter because I thought “Hmmmm some of those Non-Dead do get close to ya, have bloody hands, and somehow still squirt out blood when you shoot them though they’ve been dead for a year. Must be that good ol’ Martian bacteria in them.”

I know this doesn’t happen in the game but I would like to imagine in a remake(if the game would ever get a remake) your first encounter with a wandering Trimorph would be you running for your life until you were able to outsmart it and lock it in a room or something.

Kinda messed with Matlock’s uniform and gave her a glove on one hand. Gave that Trimorph an extra set of arms though one is obscured by Matlock and the other by its other gigantic arm. Gave it a more exposed chest to where you can see its lungs and now its intestines are hanging out. Poor people that made this Trimorph. This was fun have to do it again.

Martian Gothic:Unification © Creative Reality or who ever on the staff stills owns the IP since its dismantlement.
Artwork © Jane2Audron/Jane Audron

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