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SiLoS:Concepts by Jane2Audron SiLoS:Concepts by Jane2Audron
One of the newest characters(about a month old now) to join 'The Red Silk' universe, comic I'm working on.

SiLoS, musician, radio pirate, Voices of the C.N./Forgotten/L.O.S.T., and enemy of 'The Network'.

Can't say to much or I'll make some major spoilers of the character and comic/story, even though I mentioned she's actually female in the sheet >_>. So I'll keep her real life under-wraps and just talk about her 'SiLoS' life.

Made the persona 'SiLoS' to reveal 'The Network', basically a corrupt government of sorts that's responsible for several 'accidents' one that claimed her family,friends, and planet she was from. Started sending 'his' messages through music, hijacking some radio stations, websites, before hijacking news broadcasts, random holo screens, when 'he' became more known. When 'he' started making public appearances it became necessary to get some security, hence Briggs. Has been targeted by 'The Network', Xenophobes(because she supports aliens,she's not an alien), corrupt cops, or people who just hate the music she makes.

Always greats 'his' fans/followers/anyone with either 'Ladies and Gentlemen!' or "Hello followers, it's SiLoS..." and usually ends with "Fight 'The Network' followers... You know what to do."

Spring shoes are for fast getaways, and sound bots for blasting music and deafening any attackers. The masks/helmets are used to hide her identity from the public/followers/and The Network, besides the usual gear she wears to make it look like she's a guy. Clothing usually is a hoodie or cloak, chest armor, sometimes leg and arm armor, a sash, baggy pants, and spring boots. The tattoo is in an alien language that says 'Never Forget The Lost Ones', for remembrance of the one dreadful day her life changed forever.

Not saying what 'The Network' did that caused all the trouble in her life and many others just yet.

Uh, so many concepts to work on in the future.

SiLoS and art Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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August 23, 2012
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