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Red Silk: Influencers by Jane2Audron Red Silk: Influencers by Jane2Audron
"Death awaits..."

Originally was just testing out a new square brush I made and turned into something more.

Influencers are from my "Red Silk" universe, will probably be a sub/mini-plot. Hearing voices? Feel paranoid and depressed? Seeing a suit clad, dried skull-like being that no one else can see? Then you probably been chosen as a food source by the Influencers.

Invisible to the eyes and senses of most species, they feed off of the emotions of others, mainly depression and fear, by giving small suggestions/influences to them and increasing it over time. Over time they learned they get more 'food' from those emotions. They look for suitable 'food sources', mostly those with strong willpower to resist their influence. Once they found a 'food source' they will lock on them and them only, until they have had their fill or until they have driven their victim to suicide.

Victims who are unlucky enough to become food for Influencers, first start to hear a subtle voice in there head, saying "Death awaits..." over and over again or "Hello.." or "They don't trust you" to slowly make you paranoid and isolate yourself from other. And it only gets worse from there.. They sometimes allow their victims to see them, mainly just to terrify them or give them hope that they may live. The unlucky victims can't tell others what's causing them to act weird, just hope they can figure out what's wrong or just be able to see them so they can save you!

Influencers don't believe what they are doing is wrong. They say it's just the "circle of life."

And more work is to be done.

Art and Influencers Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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September 19, 2012
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