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Quick Sheet: Hues by Jane2Audron Quick Sheet: Hues by Jane2Audron
Quick sheet of one of my called Hues. Want to make one? Just ask first. seriously ask first

They are from Xathon, one of Encarcicon's moons. Peace loving species that have a strong bond with the Xithzuls(are from Xathon) and due to that reside in the Cathreal(Citadel) and are the caretakers of the glass grass gardens, animals, and some other things. Immune to radiation due to being in close proximity to the Xithzuls and the Tabatoo crystals that radiated energy.

Four arms, thin, fragile bodies, and terribly light sensitive, Hues like to keep to themselves, indoors mostly. In a way they a blind and at the same time not. They see through pheromones more or less, and see people in various colors on a white or black background, it all depends on conditions. Their clothes are mostly loose fitting clocks and other like attire, with one or two striking colors. Bodysuits were a gift from the Xithzuls so that they could travel and interact with other species a lot easier without getting themselves fried.

They are great sculptures and like making clay busts of various species,(I'll make an illustration showing how they do it. I won't even try and explain how it works late this hour) and creating beautiful patterns of glass grass in boxes even though they would be eaten later.

Diet consist of A'wter, Kushrums, and 'Twi' Glass Grass.

Hues and Art Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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