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OC: Turian Walker Grs'G'rs by Jane2Audron OC: Turian Walker Grs'G'rs by Jane2Audron
My Turian 'Walker' Grs'G'rs. Toke to long to draw him, especially for a RPG I'm doing with him. Used the artwork from both Mass Effect artbooks as reference for his mandibles to get a good feeling of where I wanted to go. :>

EDIT: Note to self- Stop writing things after 12:00, way to many spelling errors.

You may ask, "What's wrong with his mandibles, his frill, and his face?", well let me tell you. First off Walker isn't his real name of course just an alias until he finds out who tried to kill him(hence the odd repair to his face) and his wife who is now dead. Real name is >Insert name here< can't tell you yet.

He's in a political position and still is as he is pretending to be a 'brother' he never had, to take over his position temporarily. To hide his identity his mandibles and frill look way different, since he noticed most of the people around him try to impress one another by doing some extravagant to themselves, and changed his color from a lightish brown to a very dark gray with a hint of green. (He likes green. :V)

The damage done to his body was extremely severe especially to his eyes, some of his face, upper chest, and one of his legs. Complete reconstruction to his face was done and he now has cybernetic eyes that glow an eerie white. Luckily no cybernetics were needed to his leg that was broken and his chest wounds held but with some scars.

He does hold an extreme grudge against who ever ordered a hit on him, especially since his wife and child are dead. (Oh no!) Currently he has acquired the assistance of Sykes Delacroix, my Drell, who then contacted his good friend Salim and Salim's bodyguard Turel, my other Turians, to help Walker out with his problem.

And I'll add more lata. :V
And I need to color this. :C It's to much work...

Turian Walker Grs'G'rs ©Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
Turians © Bioware
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August 7, 2011
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