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Nothing better to do but be a Handsome Snarker by Jane2Audron Nothing better to do but be a Handsome Snarker by Jane2Audron
Bringing this over from my tumblr:…
So everything below is copied from my Tumblr post.

“Do I have nothing better to do at the moment?” He paused for a moment and thought. He was avoiding something rather important. A grin crept across his face. He needed to toy with them. “Not really, enjoying the peanut gallery running around like beheaded rabid skags, ya kiddos.”

Well I finished coloring the sketch.

A bit of a cocky Jack snarking at something his employees are doing or being nosy and avoiding his Eridium treatments cause he loathes the side effects.

Currently rocking a scarf because his unique condition messes with how his body functions and now his body temperature gets thrown out of whack. Wears a small piece of Eridium as a necklace to balance out some of his problems. Gives him a bit of a break from having to deal with Eridium transfusions, which also keeps him from getting dependent on the stuff too quickly… or does it?

Artwork© Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
Handsome Jack © Gearbox Software.
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August 19, 2015
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